The First Power

The First Power was released on April 6th, 1990.
Filming locations include Los Angeles and W. Hollywood, CA.
Carmen is killed - 4730 Crystal Springs Dr. Los Angeles, Ca. 90027
(The Old Zoo at Griffith Park)

Tess Seaton's house - 1635 Woods Dr. W. Hollywood, Ca. 90069
Mazza's body is found - E. 6th St. and Whittier Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca.
(6th Street Bridge)
NOTE: The bridge is set to be closed in 2016 and then demolished
so a more up to date bridge can be erected in it's place.
Baltimore Hotel - 501 S. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90013
Bar Russell and Tess stop at - 1455 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90026
Reservoir - Grand View Dr. Los Angeles, Ca. 90046
(Elysian Reservoir)
Russell Logan's apartment building - 912 E. 3rd St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90013


  1. Holy cow. I completely forgot about this movie. Thanks for the photos. This was a twisted movie. Lol.

  2. What about the church interior/exterior and the killers mothers house and the building the killer jumped from and landed in alley and then started running???

  3. Yeah man, I need to see more. Be cool if we could see the water works/sewerage place. Unless it was a set. Oh, how about the Mexican market.

  4. I'd be interested to know where the mothers house was as well, you can see downtown skyscrapers in the back ground but I have had no luck finding it in Google Earth.