Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary was released on April 21st, 1989.
Filming locations include Bangor, Bucksport, Ellsworth, Hancock, Mt. Desert, N. Hampden, Seal Harbor and Sedgwick, ME.

Creed house - 303 Point Rd. Hancock, Me. 04640

Jud Crandall's house - 308 Point Rd. Hancock, Me. 04640
NOTE: The exterior of Jud's house was just a facade built over the existing house that was there. The production 
had designed it so that when Jud's house burnt down the actual house inside would not be harmed.

Pet Sematary - Behind* 313 High St. Ellsworth, Me. 04605
NOTE: The spot would be completely unrecognizable today if it weren't for the boulders that were at each end of the deadfall.

University of Maine (Orono Hospital) - 1 City Hall Plaza Ellsworth, Me. 
(Ellsworth City Hall)

Louis and Jud make their way to the Micmac burial ground - Park Loop Rd. Seal Harbor, Me. 04675
(Deer Brook Trail)
NOTE: The park recently installed steps in this area to make it less strenuous on hikers. 

And if anyone wishes to follow the roughly 2.5 mile (roundtrip) trail to the summit you'll be rewarded with this astonishing view atop Pensobscot Mountain.

Louis and Jud make their way to the Micmac burial ground - Shipwright Ln. Mt. Desert, Me. 04660
(Allen Quarry)

Micmac burial ground - Snow's Cove Rd. Sedgwick, Me. 04676

Semi leaves - 809 Main Rd. N. Hampden, Me. 04444
(Cold Brook Energy Inc.)

Semi driving - Main St. and River Rd. Bucksport, Me. 04416

Cemetery where Missy and later Gage are buried - 1048 State St. Bangor, Me. 04401
(Mt. Hope Cemetery)