Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky was released on March 12th, 1993.
Filming locations include Idleyld Park, Oakland and Winston, OR.

Bridge - N. Umpqua Hwy. and Swiftwater Park Rd. Idleyld Park, Or. 97447

Bar/restaurant - 24601 N. Umpqua Hwy. Idleyld Park, Or. 97447

David and Mike meet Jarvis Powell - 115 Locust St. Oakland, Or. 97462

Rae's Cafe - 110 SE 1st St. Oakland, Or. 97462

Travis is found - 1750 Brockway Rd. Winston, Or. 97496


  1. When were the "Now" photos taken? I want to buy the Brockway Store so bad!

    1. They were taken in 2017. You should call the number, perhaps it's still for sale.

    2. Thank you! I looked it up and unfortunately it was sold in 2019.