Bloody Birthday

Bloody Birthday was released into theaters on April 28th, 1981. Filming locations include Burbank and Glendale, Ca. It was directed by Ed Hunt. Billy Jayne plays the memorable role of Curtis Taylor. He can also be seen in The Beastmaster, Cujo and Tales from the Darkside episode The New Man. The score was done by Arlon Ober. The films first DVD release was on June 28th, 2011.

High school - 1900 N. 6th St. Burbank, Ca. 91504
(Thomas Jefferson Elementary School)

The school has been there since at least the early 1950's.


Thomas Jefferson Elementary School - 1540 5th St. Glendale, Ca. 91201

The school was constructed in the early 1950's. Both the high school and elementary school used in the film share the name of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. They're located in separate school districts.


Brody house - 1548 Idlewood Rd. Glendale, Ca. 91202

The 1,806 square foot house was built in 1925.


Russel house - 1617 Idlewood Rd. Glendale, Ca. 91202

The 1,856 square foot house was built in 1925.


Beverly & Joyce walking - 1629 Idlewood Rd. Glendale, Ca. 91202

The 2,546 square foot house, seen in the background, was built in 1929.


Curtis, Debbie and Steven chase Timmy - Idlewood Rd. and Cumberland Rd. Glendale, Ca. 91202

The chase starts along Idlewood Rd. going north, eventually reaching Cumberland Rd. where they turn left.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2020.

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  1. This is an obscure one! So cool that you got these pictures and found these locations... I love this blog!