The Night Flier

The Night Flier premiered on HBO on November 7th, 1997. Filming locations include Wilmington, NC. It was directed by Mark Pavia. It's based on the 1988 Stephen King short story of the same name. The lead of Richard Dees was played by Miguel Ferrer. Other notable productions starring Ferrer include Point of No Return, RoboCop, The Stand (1994), Tales From the Crypt episode "Hitman" and  Twin Peaks. The score was composed by Brian Keane. The films first DVD release was on May 27th, 1998.

Inside View - 310 N. Front St. Wilmington, NC. 28401


Parking lot - 320 N. Front St. Wilmington, NC. 28401


Driving under the railroad bridge - north of* McRae St. and Bess St. Wilmington, NC. 28401

This same location can also be seen in the movie Raw Deal and television show American Gothic.


Falling Star motel - 2916 Market St. Wilmington, NC. 28403

Formerly The Carolinian Inn, it was demolished in 2023. This location can also be seen in The Conjuring.


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