Body Bags

Body Bags was released into theaters on August 8th, 1993. Filming locations include Pearblossom and Santa Clarita, Ca. It consists of four short segments. Wrap around segment The Morgue, The Gas Station, Hair and Eye. John Carpenter directed The Gas Station and Hair, as well as playing The Coroner in The Morgue. Tobe Hooper directed Eye as well as making a cameo in The Morgue. Wes Craven and Sam Raimi also both make cameos in The Gas Station. The score was composed by John Carpenter and Jim Lang. The films first DVD release was on July 25th, 2000.

Gas Station "The Gas Station" - 13030 Pearblossom Hwy. Pearblossom, Ca. 93553

It was built at some point during the 60's. At the time of my visit in 2019, it was still an operational gas station.


Matthews house "Eye" - 27074 Littlefield Dr. Valencia, Ca. 91354

The 1,928 square foot house was built in 1989.


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  1. Where was Stacy Keechs' apt at? Was this at a studio? Love Body Bags. I watched all the time on cable. Have the DVD.