Starman was released into theaters on December 14th, 1984. Filming locations include Chattanooga, Manchester and Pittsburgh, Tn. and Meteor Crater and Winslow, Az. It was directed by John Carpenter, in what would be his fifth film of the 80's. Carpenter made his trademark cameo as one of the men in the helicopter. Jeff Bridges played the lead of Starman. Bridges was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Veteran actor/stuntman Ted White, who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th The Final Chapter, played a deer hunter in the film. Bridges and White also worked together earlier that year in Against All Odds. The score was composed by Jack Nitzsche. The films first DVD release was on August 25th, 1998.

Amoco gas station - 6144 Murfreesboro Hwy. Manchester, Tn. 37355

The gas station was demolished around 2000. At the time of my visit, the lot was empty. In the third comparison picture, you can see the building next door, which still stands today.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2020.

Bowdarks Bus Stop - 234 Martin Springs Rd. S. Pittsburgh, Tn. 37380

The structure seen in the film was torn down at some point in the 90's or early 2000's. The large "Fireworks" sign seen in the film stood until 2019, when it finally fell over. It was still there at the time of my visit. This was a memorable location in the movie because it's where Starman brought the deer back to life...and then got his ass kicked for it.



Holiday Inn - 3800 Cummings Hwy. Chattanooga, Tn. 37419

At the time of my visit, it was part of the Covenant Transport Training Center.


Indian Trading Post - 40440 I-40 Winslow, Az. 86047

For some reason, the director flipped the shot of the structure. 


Crater - Meteor Crater Rd. Az.
(Meteor Crater)

Originally named Canyon Diablo Crater, it was created about 50,000 years ago. Impact speed was estimated to be around 29,000 mph. Impact energy has been estimated at about ten megatons. It's roughly 3,900 feet in diameter and 560 feet deep. It's privately owned by the Barringer Crater Company. In November of 1967, it was designated a National Natural Landmark. At the time of my visit, the cost to visit the crater was $22.00 for adults. 



  1. Very good work. !Great!

  2. Just watched the Movie again. I had never noticed the part at the Gallup New Mexico Raceway before. I am sure that this was filmed at Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville. Anyone know for sure?