I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

I Spit on Your Grave was released on November 22nd, 1978.
Filming locations include Kent, Ct. and New York, NY.

Opening - 36 Sutton Place S. New York, NY. 10022

Service station - 134 Kent Rd. Kent, Ct. 06757

Jennifer's cabin - 24 Birch Hill Ln. Kent, Ct. 06757

Church - 97 N. Main St. Kent, Ct. 06757
(First Congregational Church of Kent)
NOTE: The cemetery Jennifer drives through is directly behind the church.

Store where Matthew works - 24 N. Main St. Kent, Ct. 06757


  1. super cool i just watched this again last night... how does one find movie locations i live near atlanta and would love to look some up

  2. Incredible! Cannot believe that even a hammock is still there hanging between the trees!

  3. damn two people here same day friday 2 here to

  4. Wonderful, I am an Arab. I like to search for movie locations that are being filmed. My wish is to visit America and the state of Kent

    1. It's the town of Kent in the state of Connecticut at the far west side near the state of New York

  5. Where is Anal Rape Rock?!?!?