Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers was released on August 31st, 2001.
 Filming locations include Dunnellon, Ocala, Lake Panasoffkee and Reddick, FL.
Despite your personal feelings towards anyone associated with the film, there's no denying Jeepers Creepers' originality. I instantly liked it, mostly due to the desolate feeling it conveyed, the freshness of a not so fresh new horror villain and having Gina Philips didn't hurt either. The film's score was average but the overall soundtrack was good thanks to a couple golden oldie's in Paul Whiteman's Jeepers Creepers (1938) and Henry Hall's Hush, Hush, Hush, Here Comes the Bogeyman (1932) which really seemed to fit the tone of the film.

Opening and most of the driving scenes - SW 180th Avenue Rd. Dunnellon, Fl. 34432

In this shot they're driving North.

In this shot they're driving South. The filmmakers really utilized this stretch of highway.

Director Victor Salva must've loved the look of this tree because it's shown repeatedly in various shots throughout the film.

And here...

And here...

As a matter of fact he liked it so much that he even had Darry (Justin Long) urinate next to it, 
which my friend Joe diligently reenacted in my 'Now' photo.

Church - formerly* 3602 SW 110th Ave. Ocala, Fl. 34481
This was an authentic former church named the St. James Church but it was closed down and sat abandoned for quite some time prior to filming. A few years after the film's release the church burned down. Some people suspect it was the doing of former New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, who had a horse farm just to the south of the church property, allegedly because he was tired of fans of the film coming to visit the church so frequently. Many of the trees that surrounded the church also burned down along with it.

This pipe is possibly all that remains from the church.

The Creeper runs Trish and Darry off the road - Just north of the SW 180th Avenue Rd. and SW County Hwy. 484 intersection

Opper's Diner - 4629 FL-44 Lake Panasoffkee, Fl. 33538
The diner was named after producer Barry Opper. The road in front of the diner was just a two lane highway 
at the time of filming but has since been converted into a four lane split highway.

Poho County Sheriff's Dept. - 15150 NW Gainsville Rd. Reddick, Fl. 32686
Formerly Reddick High School. The school was in operation from 1927 to 1964. Exteriors and most of the interiors, 
with the exception of the holding cell's and the room where the Creeper crashes out the window with Darry, were filmed here.

Ending - 315 NE 14th St. Ocala, Fl. 34470
Formerly White's Meat Packing, operations ceased in the early 80's. Both exterior and interior shots were filmed here. The structure seen in the film was demolished no more than two years after filming and in 2006 iGlobal Logistics & Technology Center was erected in it's place. This was one location I would've loved to visit before it was demolished.

Here's an aerial photo of the building before it was demolished.

The Creeper's truck. 
As far as I'm concerned the truck is as important as any location in the film, it's absolutely menacing. A huge thanks to Tom for unleashing "JC" for a bit and allowing me to photograph and even do a ride along.

BEATNGU          FB/thecreepertruck

"Purchased in October 2008, the creepers truck was delivered from Ocala, Florida where the filming of Jeepers Creepers took place. Restoration began in 2008 starting with sheet metal repair and replace. Time and care was the focus to maintain the original character and charm of the truck as well as preserve as much of the original structure as possible. A more driven restoration started in 2011 with the replacement of the box sides and top to remove cancerous rust. A 383 small block Chevy motor was chosen for power, backed by a 700R4 4 speed automatic transmission. Power steering and power disc brakes were added. It was repainted with hardened automotive paint. An enormous amount of time was taken when painting the truck to insure all of the movie patina choices were preserved. Everything is now new or rebuilt. The restoration was finished in late 2016. BEATNUG was shipped to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and worked for the franchise filming Jeepers Creepers 3."


  1. these scenes from jeepers creepers very terrified and scary too

  2. Ran out of gas on SW 180th Avenue Rd once.
    Now I live in Lake Pan near the diner.
    Just as creepy.

  3. I have been driving SW 180th aka high school road for 18yrs now to go to work near the Villages, I find it a beautiful peaceful drive and get to see wildlife every so often, but do think in my mind what would I do if that truck came up behind me, hmmm get pissed of course therefore the creeper wouldnt want me, ha.

  4. Lovely so continue to drive down it 5 more years to see if you can witness his truck since he eats every 23 years during the spring...

  5. Привет из России, классный фильм!!

  6. I worked at White Meat Packers of Florida in 1984/85, right before it folded. I grew up in South Marion county. I live in Utah now.

  7. I remember seeing the church when visiting friends. so sad to see its gone now.

  8. 😊 Чудовий класичний Американський фільм жахів 2001 року випуску,за цей період до 2021 року я кращих фільмів не бачив ні де, цілих 3 частини Джиперса Криперса переглядав по декілька разів,спасибі знаменитому режисеру Віктору Сальві та акторам Джонатану Бреку, Джастіну Лонгу, Джині Філіпс, красуні Ніккі Ейкокс, Рею Уайзу, Тому Тарантіні,Джону Бешарі. Також переглядав всі місця зйомок із супутниковими координатами через додаток Гугл Земля завдяки вашому сайту просто тут, білшість першої частини фільму знято в сонячній Флориді поблизу міста Тампа. Самий початок фільму починаєця на 180 авеню дороги округу Данеллон, а ось місця зйомки із церквою, іржавою трубою та вантажівкою Шевроле були відзняті в Йорку на 110 авеню дороги в напрямку озера Панасофке поблизу міста Окала, нажаль там уже старої дерев'яної церкви не має її хтось із підлітків спалив в 2003 році, на останок сама цікава місцина це розташування придорожної забігайловки і автомобільної заправки її відзняли на 44 дорозі в окрузі Маріон,недалеко від нічної школи 👹

  9. I've drove that road since 2000 and went to dunnellon high school there i was there when they had road closed for 2 months i believe or a few weeks but was the neat part during school they brought the truck and the scary dude in costume to scare us during lunch break so cool and funny watching some class mates freaking out at the time..

  10. Jeepers Creepers 3 was a complete flop failure just like the state of Louisiana where it was filmed

  11. Where is the cat lady house?

    1. It was located at 18843 County Rd. 44A Eustis, Fl. 32736 but was demolished in 2006.

  12. The Church where the creeper kept his bodies was burned to the ground by arsonists. It had been slated for renovation by its owner prior to its destruction.

  13. Where is house located they filmed at address please

  14. I so wanted to aee the cat lady’s house, it was one of my favourite locations in the movie

    1. The house was demolished a few years after the movie came out. I know the location where it was though and plan on visiting it the next time I'm in Florida.