Clownhouse was released into theaters on July 20th, 1990. Filming locations include Concord and Napa, Ca. It was directed by Victor Salva. Twelve years later, Salva would write and direct the exceptional horror movie Jeepers Creepers, as well as it's two sequels. In 1988, Salva was convicted of sexually abusing twelve year old Nathan Forrest Winters (who played Casey in the movie) during the films production. He served fifteen months of a three year prison term for the crime. The score was composed by Michael Becker and Thomas Richardson. The films first DVD release was on July 7th, 2003.

Family house - 1598 Niebaum Ln. Napa, Ca. 94558

The house has been there since at least the late 1960's.


Mental hospital - 3033 Bonifacio St. Concord, Ca. 94558
(Primera Iglesia Bautista De Concord)

The structure was built in 1941.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2022.

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  1. One of the grimmest parts of looking at those locations is how close Nathan (Salva's victim) was living with his family at the time.

    And there's much, much more to the story than people know, even those who DO know about it.

    Nathan has been revealing some of the details - in public, so it's not breaking confidentiality.

    There was no "single event", as Salva's protector claimed, during the filming of "Clownhouse". Coppola said: "You have to remember, while this was a tragedy, that the difference in age between Victor and the boy was very small. Victor was practically a child himself!" Salva had actually been abusing Nathan for 6 years. It began when Nathan was aged 6. It ENDED when Nathan was 12 and when Salva was surprised with the arrest. Salva met Nathan at his work place. A child-care center.

    There are more known victims. Only Nathan's parents pushed on to the point of prosecution. They wanted to see justice. Nothing that Coppola financed was able to stop them, not even the lawsuit for 5 million dollars that Coppola finally hit them with when other threats didn't work.