Creepshow was released on November 12th, 1982.
Filming locations include Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA.

Prologue - 361 Willow Hedge Dr. Monroeville, Pa. 15146

Father's Day, Grantham estate - 600 Squaw Run Rd. E Pittsburgh, Pa. 15238

The Crate, Party - 6410 Beacon St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217

The Crate, Amberson Hall - Margaret Morrison St. and Tech St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
(Carnegie Mellon University, Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall)

Interior sets - 841 Old Frankstown Rd. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15239
(Siemens Energy Inc.)


  1. Just watching this right now. :)

  2. Gotta love Stephen King for picking creepy spots and making them look even creepier

  3. You can't top this kind of creepy scenery


    the abandoned school gym property they used for a studio where most interiors were shot is for lease.

  5. I wonder where Leslie Nielsen's gleeful taunting of Ted Danson took place.

    1. The beach scenes are in Island Beach State Park in New Jersey. Stephen King originally wanted to shoot it in Ogunquit, Maine close to his residence but apparently the mayor of the town refused. King asked, why not? the mayor simply said "Because nobody has closed it for a film before." This answer stumped both Romero and King LOL So they went to New Jersey instead.

  6. Squaw Run Rd was renamed to Glade Run Lane. I think the houses were possibly renumbered as well.

  7. Do you happen to know the exact location where the segment "Something to Tide You Over" was filmed? I know it was Island Beach State Park but wanted to see if anyone could pinpoint the exact spot dudes head popped out of the sand like you brilliantly do with all of these?