SE7EN was released into theaters on September 22nd, 1995. Filming locations include Lancaster and Los Angeles, Ca. It was directed by David Fincher. This was the second directed film by Fincher, following 1992's Alien 3. It features an extremely strong cast that includes Morgan Freeman as Somerset, Brad Pitt as Mills, Gwyneth Paltrow as Tracy, Kevin Spacey as John Doe and R. Lee Ermey as Police Captain. Fincher would go on to direct Pitt in two more films, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It's raining in almost every scene. The filmmakers did this for two reasons, it added a sense of dread; and they never had to worry about bad weather. In 2001, the Patriot Act gave the government the ability to monitor library records, something which at one point halfway through the film is stated to not be necessarily legal. The film was nominated for one Academy Award, Best Film Editing. In the opening credits, a remix of Nine Inch Nails' Closer can be heard. Fincher and Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails' front man, would go on to collaborate in three more of his films, The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl. The score was Composed by Howard Shore. The films first DVD release was on March 26th, 1997.

Mills caught in the rain - 530 S. Grand Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90071

He exits from a service corridor of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.


Chase alley - southeast* of S. Broadway and W. 5th St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90013

They enter the alley from the South Broadway entrance.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2022.

Fourteenth Precinct - Mateo St. and Industrial St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90021
(National Biscuit Company Building)

The seven-story structure was designed by E.J. Eckel and built in 1925. In 2007, it was declared Historic-Cultural Monument #888.


"What's in the box?" - 120th St. W (between W Ave. F 8 and W Ave. G) Lancaster, Ca. 93536

In 2015/2016 a new row of powerlines were installed, visible in the first comparison photo.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2022.


  1. Those are some perfectly lined up shots there. Well done.

  2. I always thought this film was set in Seattle, because of the rain, but they never say in the film.