Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction was released into theaters on October 14th, 1994. Filming locations include Canoga Park, Glendale, Los Angeles and North Hollywood, Ca. It was directed by Quentin Tarantino. It was Tarantino's second film. Like all of his other films, it features a star-studded cast. It was nominated for seven Academy Awards, winning Best Original Screenplay. It has an extensive soundtrack. Some of the songs include Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon by Urge Overkill, Lonesome Town by Ricky Nelson, Out of Limits by The Marketts and Strawberry Letter #23 by Brothers Johnson. The films first DVD release was on May 20th, 1998.

Jackrabbit Slims - 1435 Flower St. Glendale, Ca. 91201

The structure has been there since at least the early 1960's. At the time of my visit, the building looked like it was going through a transitional phase. Possibly a change of ownership.


Butch parks - Hinds Ave. and Valerio St. North Hollywood, Ca. 91605

After he parks, he proceeds north until he reaches his apartment complex on the north side of Runnymede St. Today that same path wouldn't be possible due to an apartment complex being built in the vacant lot in 2017.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2021.

Butch's apartment complex - 11813 Runnymede St. North Hollywood, Ca. 91605
(Heatherdale apartments)

The apartment complex has been there since at least the early 1970's. Butch's apartment number is 214.


Crosswalk - Fletcher Dr. and Atwater Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90039

Butch was driving northwest on Atwater Ave.


Pawn shop - 20933 Roscoe Blvd. Canoga Park, Ca. 91304

The owners required a purchase of $10. for the right to take an interior photo. I was going to buy a couple of DVD's but they were scratched up, so I passed.



  1. The basement of the Pawn shop would have been good!

  2. Love this site, cause I love movies! Some info about one location pictured and about one not pictured that I was checking for while watching this great film again tonight.

    I saw Jack Rabbit Slim's exterior and was pretty surprised when I checked it here. I'm pretty sure I worked in that building with the "googie" fa├žade for a couple years starting in 1995. I was working at Disney Imagineering which has a large complex there. The building was known as the Bowling Alley, because it was actually a bowling alley at one time. Disney left two working lanes inside. We used them once or twice, but not often. I would be surprised if Disney changed the outside due to it's authentic late 50's early 60's look. I smoked a lot of cigarettes under that overhang, it was a nice quiet spot to relax. Please let me know if you can confirm the info!

    The other location is the bar/nightclub interior where Butch and Marsellus meet, and Vincent and Jules show up also. That's a strip bar in Hollywood, Crazy Girls at 1433 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028. I finally noticed it in the film a few years ago, but since I used to live in Hollywood, and used to like to spending money and time in places like that I'm quite familiar with the layout. Very little was changed in the film from when I would frequent in the late 90's. I wouldn't be surprised if it looks very much the same today.

    Keep up the great and interesting work! I miss living in the film capital of the world...but don't miss working on movies too much, hah!

  3. The building that was Jack Rabbit Slims was once a bowling alley. That entire area is part of Disney Imagineering. The next street to the north is Airway Drive. That is where the original Los Angeles airport used to be. The Terminal is on the Historical Registry and was the back drop for a scene in Pee Wee's big adventure. This is in Glendale California.