It (1990)

It aired on November 18th and November 20th, 1990 on ABC.
Filming locations include Burnaby, New Westminster and Vancouver, BC.

Laurie Anne's house - 3796 McGill St. Burnaby, BC V5C 1L9, Canada

Bill Denbrough's house - 231 Third St. New Westminster, BC V3L 2R6, Canada

Georgie at the storm drain - Third St. and Liverpool St. New Westminster, BC V3L, Canada

School - 2000 Trimble St. Vancouver, BC V6R, Canada
(Queen Mary Elementary School)

Lake/Sewer building - Beaver Lake Trail Vancouver, BC V6G, Canada
(Beaver Lake)

Bridge/creek - Pipeline Rd. and Ravine Trail Vancouver, BC V6G, Canada

Pennywise in the photo album - 6501 Deer Lake Ave. Burnaby, BC V5G, Canada
(Burnaby Village Museum)

Adult Ben's loft - 505 Railway St. Vancouver, BC V6A, Canada

Ben's house - 107 Park Row New Westminster, BC V3L 2J5, Canada

Adult Eddie's house - 2328 SW Marine Dr. Vancouver, BC V6P, Canada

Beverly Marsh's house - 417 Heatley Ave. Vancouver, BC V6A 3G6, Canada

Paramount Theatre - 652 Columbia St. New Westminster, BC V3M, Canada

Adult Mike's house - 1171 Keefer St. Vancouver, BC V6A, Canada

Bill & Mike ride Silver - 1130 Keefer St. Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z3, Canada
(Admiral Seymour Elementary School)

Chop Suey Chinese Kitchen - 4524 Hastings St. Burnaby, BC V5C 2K4, Canada
(Wah Lun Chinese Restaurant)

Derry Inn - 401 N. Esmond Ave. Burnaby, BC V5C, Canada

Bill awakens Audra - 6th St. and Columbia St. New Westminster, BC V3L, Canada


  1. This blog is officially my new favorite blog.

  2. Lovely stuff. Really enjoying your blog :-)

  3. Any chance you know where the Chinese restaurant is where the adults met at?

    1. Sorry That guy, I wasn't able to track down that location.

    2. 4524 Hastings St. Burnaby, BC V5C Canada

  4. WOW! I love this blog! I'm even looking at pages for movies I haven't seen! Keep up the great work!

  5. Your blog is awesome! It's a dream.
    I would also like to visit filming locations.

  6. i was able to find a ton of it movie locations.

  7. I'm a few months from seeing these sites myself. Anyone have the location of the drugstore and library?

    1. Library (exterior) - 524 W. 6th St. N. Vancouver, BC. V7M, Canada
      Library (interior) - 215 E. 17th Ave. Vancouver, BC. V7K 4P4, Canada
      Drugstore - 642 Columbia St. New Westminster, BC V3M, Canada

  8. Best movie ever!!

  9. Wow, I can't believe the whole film was shot in Canada.

  10. Does anyone know where the house where Stan Uris encounters the mummy is located