Fear was released on April 12th, 1996.
Filming locations include Seattle, WA. and Lions Bay and Vancouver, BC.

Walker house - Brunswick Beach Rd. Lions Bay, BC V0N, Canada

High school - 3939 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6R 3C9, Canada
(Lord Byng High School)

David and Nicole talk - Harbor Ave. SW Seattle, Wa. 98116
(Duwamish Head)

David and Steve talk - Crown St. Vancouver, BC V6R, Canada (between 13th & 14th Ave.)

Amusement park - 2901 E. Hastings St. Vancouver, BC V5K, Canada
(Playland at the PNE)


  1. Cool, mostly everything looks the same

  2. I just watched this movie again 25 years after the release. I've always loved that house. After seeing how young Mark and William look, I can honestly say my midlife crisis has begun.

  3. Rewatched this today. Does any movie supposedly set in Seattle actually tale place in seattle?? Every movie we get is always phoned in from Canada

    1. You're right. But it is cool they showed the space needle and the kingdome in the beginning. It is messed up that the kingdome is gone.