Fear was released on April 12th, 1996.
Filming locations include Seattle, WA. and Lions Bay and Vancouver, BC.

Walker house - Brunswick Beach Rd. Lions Bay, BC V0N, Canada

High school - 3939 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6R 3C9, Canada
(Lord Byng High School)

David and Nicole talk - Harbor Ave. SW Seattle, Wa. 98116
(Duwamish Head)

David and Steve talk - Crown St. Vancouver, BC V6R, Canada (between 13th & 14th Ave.)

Amusement park - 2901 E. Hastings St. Vancouver, BC V5K, Canada
(Playland at the PNE)


  1. Cool, mostly everything looks the same

  2. I just watched this movie again 25 years after the release. I've always loved that house. After seeing how young Mark and William look, I can honestly say my midlife crisis has begun.