When I first started this site, it was primarily for the purpose of having a place to document all the movie locations I've visited, as well as the one's I planned to visit in the future. Somewhere along the line it also turned into a way to show others that had the same fascination I did, regarding wanting to know where some of their favorite movies were filmed, where they were and how to reach them. Now, over a thousand locations later and I enjoy it as much as ever. This site is for anyone who may wish to have some of the same experiences I have.

Recent videos: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) 1/30/19

Recent page additions: The Blair Witch Project 10/1/19
                                         Body Bags 10/11/19
                                         Red Dragon 10/1/19
Recent page updates: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 9/8/19
                                      Halloween III 9/19/19
                                      The Exorcist 9/28/19
                                      Hannibal 9/28/19
                                      The Exorcist III 9/30/19
                                      Dead & Buried 10/10/19
                                      Fright Night (1985) 10/10/19
                                      Ghostbusters 10/10/19
                                      Halloween II (1981) 10/10/19
                                      Poltergeist (1982) 10/10/19
                                      Phantasm 10/12/19
                                      The Faculty 10/28/19