When I first started this site, it was primarily for the purpose of having a place to document all the movie locations I've visited, kind of like a scrapbook. Somewhere along the line it also turned into a way to show others that had the same fascination I did, regarding wanting to know where some of their favorite movies were filmed, where they were and how to find them. Now, over a thousand locations later and I enjoy it as much as ever. This site is for anyone who may wish to have some of the same experiences I have.

Recent Page Additions: The Outsiders 10/25/20
                                         Twister 10/24/20
                                         You're Next 10/23/20
                                         The Crazies (2010) 10/23/20
                                         Sometimes They Come Back 10/22/20
                                         Flatliners (1990) 10/3/20
                                         Raising Arizona 9/30/20
                                         Can't Buy Me Love 9/30/20
                                         Sleepaway Camp III 9/21/20
                                         Sleepaway Camp II 9/21/20
                                         Kalifornia 9/20/20
Recent Page Updates: Children of the Corn 10/21/20
                                       The Shining (1980) 9/28/20
                                       Doctor Sleep 9/19/20
                                       The Exorcist 8/31/20
                                       Child's Play (1988) 8/16/20
                                       Candyman 8/16/20
                                       Halloween III 8/13/20
                                       Lord of Illusions 8/13/20