The Karate Kid (1984)

The Karate Kid was released on June 22nd, 1984.
Filming locations include Sedona, AZ., Agoura Hills, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Encino, Los Angeles, 
Malibu, Northridge, Norwalk, Reseda, Westlake Village and Woodland Hills, CA. and Harrison, NJ.

Opening - 10 Franklin Ave. Harrison, NJ. 07029

The Following 'Now' picture was submitted by fellow The Karate Kid fan Kenneth Jaykus.

Daniel & Lucille Larusso drive cross country - 8375 AZ-179 Sedona, Az. 86351

The following picture was taken from the Red Rock visitor center located at the above address.
The picture is looking North. Bell Rock is visible in the distance.

Canyon Portal Motel - 280 N. Hwy. 89A Sedona, Az. 86336
NOTE: The motel no longer exists and other buildings now stand in it's place.

Larusso apartment - 19223 Saticoy St. Reseda, Ca. 91335
(South Seas Apartments)

Daniel meets Ali - 35000 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, Ca. 90265
(Leo Carrillo State Beach)

High School - 5607 Capistrano Ave. Woodland Hills, Ca. 91367
(Formerly Charles Evans Hughes Junior High School)

Cobra Kai Dojo - 5223 Lankershim Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90068



The Orient Express Restaurant - 5400 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90036

The Cobra Kai crash Daniel on his bike - Behind* 660 Macadam Ct. Agoura Hills, Ca. 91301

Mr. Miyagi's house - Between* Vose St. and Gault St. Canoga Park, Ca. 91303
NOTE: The house was real but was torn down some years afterwards.

The Yellow house seen in the background of the screenshot is located at
20948 Vose St. Canoga Park, Ca. 91303

Ali Mills' house - 4072 Alonzo Ave. Encino, Ca. 91316

Golf N' Stuff - 10555 E. Firestone Blvd. Norwalk, Ca. 90650

Country club - 880 S. Westlake Blvd. Westlake Village, Ca. 91361
(Hyatt Westlake Plaza, Grand Plaza Ballroom)

Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel balance - Valley Circle Blvd. Chatsworth, Ca. 91311
(Chatsworth Reservoir)

All Valley Karate Tournament - 18111 Nordhoff St. Northridge, Ca. 91330
(The Matadome at Cal State Northridge)


  1. Absolutely amazing.

  2. Incredible. Shame about Miyagis house though. Always thought that was real been in all 3 films.

  3. I'm heading to LA next week and one of my plans is to check out some of these film locations. Will definitely use this info thanks Paul

  4. Thanks for the fabulous information,my son and I are watching it right now.

  5. I appreciate the memories friend ..

  6. This is great! I am introducing my son to this film right now. Great movie! It is a shame that Miyagi's house was a prop. Daniel put in some work on that place!

    1. Awesome Vincent, hopefully he liked it as much as we did our first time.

  7. nice pix. I am also introducing these cool old films to my kids and taking them to see the houses. Dif gonna take them to Russo's apartment. I have taken them to see E.T's house and they loved it. I recommend it looks just the same. ;)

  8. love this. for years ive been a filming location geek and the karate kid has always been the top of the list. generally the places are the same! for anyone interested a pal of mine is a podcaster and is due to have ralph macchio in the near future as a guest. As I write this the interview hasnt been done but its a matter of weeks or a few months away so you can keep checking back to the site if it interests anyone. He has a few decent actors under his belt on the site and Ralph is hopefully not far away....may 2017 now so keep checking!

  9. Great work done Paul! I wrote a blog about brand and audience connectivity based on the book "The Films of John Avildsen" and was surprised with so many good articles, blogs and overall material based on his two successful franchises - Rocky and The Karate Kid - It would be great if they could make a final instalment for the KK franchise. John Avildsen had a different vision for the KK3 that never materialized since the producers did not want to let John make KK3 according to his inspiration (going to Asia for KK3 and explaining more the origins of Mr Miyagi's martial arts history, etc..) the producers thought it would be too expensive and decide to make a different movie in LA... also It was not John's idea for not taken Elisabeth Shue on the KK2, but again producers did not want to pay for her role (that was a big mistake). Well thank you for the excellent work you place here. Also it is very sad that John Avildsen passed away on July 16.

  10. Jon from UK
    WOW! that was actually a bit too good

  11. awesome job! great post.

  12. Thanks for your pics great locations I play on checking out when in LA early next year. Just a question the orient express where Danny and his mum eat across the road from the Cobra Kia karate studio isn't actually the building isn't actually the building next door/across the road!? Thanks again.

    1. That's correct, it's a completely different location. They did a good job of making it look like it was right across the street from the dojo though.

  13. Going to L.A in a month. Is there a tour which takes me to all the Locations of where the Karate Kid was filmed?

  14. Hello where is this picture taken?

  15. What about where he learns the crane kick?

  16. Are the wood stands still at the beach where he practices the crane kick?

    1. That was shot at Leo Carillo Beach in Malibu. The stands were only there during filming.

  17. Sweet pictures! Thanx

  18. Where was the boat dunking scene shot? When Daniel was learning balance.

    1. The Chatsworth Reservoir. It's only open to the public one day a year (Earth Day).