Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters was released into theaters on June 8th, 1984. Filming locations include Burbank and Los Angeles, Ca. and New York, NY. It was directed by Ivan Reitman. This was the third film in a row directed by Reitman which starred Bill Murray. The film features a solid soundtrack, which includes songs like Disco Inferno by The Trammps and Magic by Mick Smiley. The real driving force behind the soundtrack though, was Ray Parker Jr's Ghostbusters. It stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for twenty-one weeks. three of those being at number one. The score was composed by Elmer Bernstein. The films first DVD release was on February 1st, 2000.

New York Public Library - 476 5th Ave. New York, NY. 10018

It was designed by architectural firm Carrere and Hastings and opened on May 23rd, 1911. The two stone lions near the entrance were sculpted by E.C. Potter and carved by the Piccirilli Brothers. The building was designated a New York City Landmark on January 11th, 1967. It was declared a National Historic Landmark on December 21st, 1965 and added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 15th, 1966. The large reading room seen in the film is the Rose Main Reading Room and it was designated a New York City Landmark on August 8th, 2017. It's located on the third floor of the library.

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University - 2960 Broadway New York, NY. 10027
(Columbia University)

Established in 1754, it's the oldest institution of higher education in New York and the fifth oldest in the United States. In the film, the specific name of the university is never disclosed, that's because part of the agreement for letting them film there was that they never mention the university by name. In the screenshot, the view is facing south from behind the Alma Mater statue, looking toward Butler Library.


Ghostbusters headquarters (exterior) - 14 N. Moore St. New York, NY. 10013
(Hook & Ladder Company 8)

The firehouse was built in 1903 and is still operational to this day. The firefighters of Hook & Ladder 8 were among the first responders to the 9/11 attacks. Inside the firehouse, they still have the Ghostbusters II sign that was used for the movie, on display. Other productions filmed at the location are Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters (2016), Hitch and episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Seinfeld. The headquarter interiors were filmed in Los Angeles, inside decommissioned Firehouse 23 at 225 E. 5th St.

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One block east of the firehouse, is the spot where the gas station blew up in Zoolander.

Sedgewick Hotel - 506 S. Grand Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90071
(Millennium Biltmore Hotel)

It opened in 1923 as the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel. It was designed by architectural firm Schultze & Weaver. On July 2nd, 1969 it was designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #60.

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Shandor building - 55 Central Park W. New York, NY. 10023

The building was designed by architectural firm Schwartz & Gross and built in 1929. It consists of nineteen stories, although the film depicts the building as having more, that was done via matte painting by production designer/art director John DeCuir. At one point, Calvin Klein was a resident of the apartments. The interiors and rooftop scenes were filmed at the Burbank Studios (currently Warner Bros. Studios) on stages 12, 15, 16 and 18.

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Peter and Dana talk - 10 Lincoln Center Plaza New York, NY. 10023
(Lincoln Center, Revson Fountain)

The fountain was constructed on April 6th, 1964.


City Hall - City Hall Park New York, NY. 10007
(New York City Hall)

It was designed by architects Joseph-Francois Mangin and John McComb Jr. It was built in 1812 and is the oldest city hall in the United States that still houses it's original governmental functions. The exterior was designated a New York City Landmark on January 17th, 1976. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on October 15th, 1966. It became a National Historic Landmark on December 19th, 1960.


Louis is chased by Vinz Clortho - W. 66th St. at Central Park New York, NY. 10023
(Tavern on the Green)

It was built in 1870 as a sheep fold, in order to house the seven-hundred sheep that grazed in Central Park's sheep meadow. In 1934, Robert Moses transformed it into a restaurant. It was closed from 2009 to April of 2014, but since then it's been fully operational. The restaurant is located geographically exactly how it was shown in the film, in relation to the Shandor building (Louis & Dana's apartment building).

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man walking - Central Park W. and Columbus Cir. New York, NY. 10023

The vantage point we see him walking from was right next to the Trump International Hotel and Tower, traveling north along Broadway. This is close to the same spot where Raphael leaves the movie theater and walks across the street in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)



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