Disturbing Behavior

Disturbing Behavior was released on July 24th, 1998. 
Filming locations include Vancouver, BC.
Dam - Capilano Rd. N. Vancouver, BC V7R, Canada
(Cleveland Dam)
Cradle Bay High School - 2706 Trafalgar St. Vancouver, BC V6K 2J6, Canada
(Kitsilano Secondary School)
Blue Ribbons stalk Steve - Pipeline Rd. and Ravine Trail Vancouver, BC V6G, Canada


  1. One of the kick assest movies ever when it came out of course I was trying to find out for years where it was filmed. Watched it for the first time with this super hot gymnast chick . We were on x.. Rollin our ass off trying to make sense of what we were watching it was definitely a night I've never forgotten!!! Better times u know

  2. I wonder where is the house and yogurt shoppe

    1. The house is around 1736 Eagle Cliff Rd on Bowen Island.

    2. The Clark house is on Cove Rd, just off of Eagle Cliff Rd.

  3. I think the "Yogurt Shoppe" was filmed somewhere on Theatre Row in Vancouver. In the movie there's a neon sign that says Roscoe's but I've never found record of a Roscoe's on Theatre Row. It looks very close to the Stanley Theatre to me. (Fun fact: the group Swollen Members shot some of their video Breathe in front of the same building.)

  4. The Yogurt Shoppe was filmed on West Boulevard in Vancouver between 37th and 38th Avenues. I know this because I lived three blocks away at the time and saw the filming. The area has been extensively redeveloped and after checking on Google Maps, it appears the storefront is no longer there.

  5. Found another spot thanks to your leg work that sort of blows my mind. The bridge the Blue Ribbons are standing on is the EXACT (not near but exact) spot we see in Stephen King's It from 1990 of the bridge and creek in the Losers Club!