Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity was released on October 16th, 2009.
Filming locations include San Diego, CA.
Katie and Micah's house - 13236 Bavarian Dr. San Diego, Ca. 92129


  1. On Paramormal 4: I played a witch at the back door (four of us) when the little girl and the young boy climbs out the window (they didn't; stunt girl did)...they rented 3 houses (2 across the main house) in Woodland Hills until 2 AM..1 house for crew, 1 for background tent and toilets (called honeywagon) and 1 for the shooting. The backyard was pitch black for shooting! we did all that in the dark.............

  2. the interior shots are of the actual house?

    1. That's my understanding, yes. It was director Oren Peli's home at the time.

  3. You can see some really good shots of the interior here. Interior shots were definitely filmed here.