Twilight Zone: The Movie

Twilight Zone: The Movie was released on June 24th, 1983.
Filming locations include Los Angeles, Piru and Santa Clarita, CA.
(Time Out) Tender Trap bar - 15238 Victory Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 91411
(Kick the Can) Sunnyvale Rest Home - 691 N. Main St. Piru, Ca. 93040
(Kick the Can) second rest home - Center St. and Church St. Piru, Ca. 93040
(It's A Good Life) Halfway House Restaurant - 15564 Sierra Hwy. Santa Clarita, Ca. 91390
(It's A Good Life) Anthony's house - 17410 Mayerling St. Los Angeles, Ca. 91344


  1. The Halfway House Café is in Duel's (1971) filming area.

  2. THANKS! That was a great movie by the way!

  3. Right behind magic Mt. off the 126 is where the accident happened (the NEGLIGENT death of two children and famous Vic Morrow)..that idiot GREEDY director JOHN LANDIS didn't care of their safety; he was more interested in getting the shot done and out of there (he was and is today all about $) AND THAT SCUMBAG CALLED IT an it was HIS FAULT, HIS ACCIDENT AND NEGLIGENCE..............

    1. Many people were at fault during that accident. The parents of the kids knew that they should not of been there in the 1st place and took money under the table so it's not just John Landis Fault. Do your research before opening your mouth..

  4. that accident IS WHY most stunt men CARE about their fellow stunt people and CARE ENOUGH to make sure crap doesn't happen....THEY CARE......AND IT SHOWS

  5. these houses has changed over 34 years