The Birds

The Birds was released on March 29th, 1963.
Filming locations include Bodega, Bodega Bay and San Francisco, CA.

Opening - Geary St. and Powell St. San Francisco, Ca. 94108
(Union Square)

The Tides Restaurant - 835 Bay Hwy. Bodega Bay, Ca. 94923

Bodega Bay School - 17110 Bodega Ln. Bodega, Ca. 94922

Fawcett farm - 15000 Valley Ford Rd. Bodega, Ca. 94922


  1. The neighbouring farm was located at 15000 Hwy 1, Valley Ford, CA
    38.328020, -122.936011

  2. the brenner ranch was constructed largely for the film on Bodega Bays Westshore Rd (38.31789956768792, -123.05675161272194) it now looks to be land used by the UCLA marine biology lab.

  3. UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory. Why would UCLA be up there?