U Turn


U Turn was released on October 3rd, 1997.
Filming locations include Gold Canyon and Superior, AZ.
Road splits - N. Queen Valley Rd. and E. Hewitt Station Rd. Gold Canyon, Az. 85118

Harlin's Garage - Harlin's was located on E. Magma Heights Dr. in Superior, Az.
Unfortunately, nothing remains of the house or garage. A couple of the palm trees
are all that remain from the movie. Resolution Copper Co. owns the property and
no one not associated with them are allowed on the grounds.

Main St. Superior, Az. 85173

Grocery store robbery - 52 N. Pinal Ave. Superior, Az. 85173
(Leo's Grocery)

Waldorf Café - 149 W. Main St. Superior, Az. 85173

Bobby and Toby N. Tucker altercation - N. Pinal Ave. and N. San Pedro St. Superior, Az. 85173

Jake McKenna's house - N. Picket Post Rd. Superior, Az. 85173
NOTE: It's known as the Picket Post Mansion and is owned by the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. 
Public access to the house and grounds are quite rare.

The following picture is courtesy of John Laninga.

The following pictures are courtesy of John Aho.