Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Halloween H20 was released on August 5th, 1998.
Filming locations include Chatsworth, La Puente and Los Angeles, CA.

Marion Chambers' house - 4946 Melrose Hill St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90029

Jimmy Howell's house - 4940 Melrose Hill St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90029

Downtown Summer Glen - Main St. La Puente, Ca. 91744
Hillcrest Academy entrance - Browns Canyon Rd. Chatsworth, Ca. 91311


  1. Just thought I'd mention this. The gate and the gate house were filmed at another location. The bottom picture is D. Hollister's house. That's the Canfield-Moreno Estate / The Paramour Mansion. The "before" picture is the gate house from the movie but that was not filmed there. They used a different location for that.

    1. Do you know the location they used?

    2. The location they used for the Hillcrest Academy entrance can be found here

    3. Thanks for sharing the link, PaulH.

  2. Awesome info! Thanks for doing the research, guys!!