Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers


Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers was released into theaters on February 28th, 1988. Filming locations include Waco, Ga. Filming took place from September 20th, 1987 to October 9th, 1987. It was directed by Michael A. Simpson. Simpson also directed the third installment of the trilogy, Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland. Pamela Springsteen, younger sister of musician Bruce Springsteen, played the lead of Angela. The score was composed by James Oliverio. The films first DVD release was on August 20th, 2002. Anchor Bay released it as a single edition as well as part of the Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit, which featured all three films of the trilogy in a package meant to resemble a first aid kit. The first 20,000 copies featured a large red cross on the cover. Shortly after it was released, the Red Cross contacted Anchor Bay to inform them that the use of the red cross insignia was restricted by the Geneva Convention. All copies from that point on did not bear the red cross insignia, instead they had the words "Survival Kit" in dripping blood font. 

Camp Rolling Hills - In between* Five Points Rd. and Bremen Mount Zion Rd. Waco, Ga. 30182

It was filmed almost entirely at an actual former YMCA summer camp, named Camp Waco. In September of 2020, myself and fellow movie location visitor, Brian Koppel of Reel to Real Movie and TV Filming Locations visited the location for ourselves. Access to the former camp wasn't easy. There's no way to park close to it, since it's in the middle of the woods, so a fairly long walk to the location is required. The area is also extremely overgrown, as the following comparison pictures will show. It's also frequently used for hunting, so that's another hazard. We spotted multiple tree stands in the area. Most of the structures seen in the film have either been razed, or just fallen down over the years. However, a few are still standing. Among them are some of the campers cabins and bathroom structures. The swimming pool is still there, however, heavy growth from the leaves of kudzu vines surround it. The upper floor of the main structure, seen in the film, are all gone. However, most of the two stone chimney's remain, as do small sections of the stone walls. The lower level of the main structure is also partly still intact.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2020.


  1. Wow love this movie.. it's sad to see how it looks now.

  2. I wonder if the doors are still on the boys/girls cabins