Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused was released on September 24th, 1993.
Filming locations include Austin, Georgetown and Seguin, TX.

Lee High School - 6800 Bill Hughes Rd. Austin, Tx. 78745
(Bedichek Middle School)

 Junior high school - 507 E. University Ave. Georgetown, Tx. 78626
(Everette L. Williams Elementary School)

Carl Burnett's house - 6409 Wilbur Dr. Austin, Tx. 78757

Hazing scene - 2200 Hancock Dr. Austin, Tx. 78756

Car wash - 904 S. Austin St. Seguin, Tx. 78155

Kevin Pickford's house - 5800 Coventry Ln. Austin, Tx. 78723

Mike Newhouse's house - 2513 Great Oaks Pkwy. Austin, Tx. 78756

Top Notch Hamburgers - 7525 Burnet Rd. Austin, Tx. 78757

Baseball field - Shoal Creek Rd. and N. Park Dr. Austin, Tx. 78757

Mitch Kramer's house - 6806 Pioneer Pl. Austin, Tx. 78757

Emporium - 6600 N. Lamar Blvd. Austin, Tx. 78752

Hirshfelder gets busted - Wild St. and Ruth Ave. Austin, Tx. 78752

Ballard's Grocery - 4001 Medical Pkwy. Austin, Tx. 78756

Centennial Liquor - 6534 N. Lamar Blvd. Austin, Tx. 78752
NOTE: The store was demolished in 2003 and has been a parking lot ever since.

Rick's Auto Machine Shop - 821 Brentwood St. Austin, Tx. 78757

Football field - 3200 Jones Rd. Austin, Tx. 78745
(Toney Burger Activity Center)


  1. I tried to find Sabrina's house before but I couldn't.

    1. Sabrina's House filming address - https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2100-Travis-Heights-Blvd-Austin-TX-78704/29460900_zpid/

  2. Awesome blog! Would like to see where the field party was at the "Moontower"

    1. I think it was Zilker Park. The moon tower becomes the yearly Christmas tree. It’s huge.

    2. Definitely was Zilker park

  3. Mike W - It was filmed at West Enfield Park (or Westenfield, you see it both ways). The moontower is no longer there, but there are others in town.

  4. just found this & love it! i think we'll plan a road trip to visit some of these places - so fun. thank you!

  5. Zilker Park. The moon tower they used is the yearly Christmas Tree. I think. Lol

  6. Moon tower party was filmed at West Enfield park - 2008 Enfield Rd, Austin, TX 78703. The moon tower used in the film was a small 30ft prop created in that park for filming only

  7. Movie company rented my 1974 Cadillac de Ville.....black with white top & interior..which is parked in front of Pickford house...front left fender is visible in your picture. They also rented my 1976 Chevelle Malibu (golden brown) which is parked at Top Notch with kids eating in one scene......there were still remnants of french fries, etc., in back seat when I got car back after filming. I drove the '76 Malibu up and down Lamar Blvd. for couple of hours for night scene...along with many other cars....don't believe my car made it into that scene though.

  8. There is one driving scene towards the end where Wooderson is racing the Chevy truck, and that is the entrence to Travis Expo Center.