Road House

 Road House was released on May 19th, 1989.
Filming locations include Anaheim, Sanger and Santa Clarita, CA.
The Bandstand - 1721 S. Manchester Ave. Anaheim, Ca. 92802
NOTE: The building was demolished in 2015 and an empty lot is all that remains.
The Double Deuce and Red's Auto Parts - 13th St. and Arch St. Santa Clarita, Ca. 91321
NOTE: Both buildings were built on location for the film and neither is still there.


  1. Well done! This must of been a more difficult one. Very good though. Thanks

    1. Thanks Stephen! I also drove up hoping to visit Brad Wesley's house in Sanger, Ca. but it's on a gated road so I couldn't gain access.

  2. Love this film, sad most of the places don't exist.