Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet was released on October 11th, 1985.
Filming locations include Burgaw, Leland and Wilmington, NC.
Tarker's Mills - S. Wright St. and E. Fremont St. Burgaw, NC. 28425
School - 3706 Princess Place Dr. Wilmington, NC. 28405
Gazebo & firework bridge - 1941 Amphitheatre Dr. Wilmington, NC 28401
(Greenfield Lake Park)
Reverend Lowe's church - 6864 Zion Church Rd. NE Leland, NC. 28451


  1. There is someone who knows the address and the street of the main house of Marty Coslaw and the home with the garage of Sheriff Joe Haller? Also home early in the film, when the girl in her room on the 2nd floor would be suicide, the werewolf rises and jumps into the window ... who also know the address of that house its'd be really cool :)

    I thank you and expects from you !! My email is

  2. I have a facebook page that has a few more locations, including where Marty's house was, and Stella's house. She was the one trying to kill herself. Still looking for some locations myself. Can't find the location for Virgil's Service station, Mac's Gun Shop, and the building that had the display window for Andy Fairton's Sporting Goods store. Pics are in the Photo Albums.

    1. Great page! I enjoyed all of the location photos. Would you mind sharing the addresses of where Marty's house was as well as Stella's house?

    2. 34.212631, -77.882448 on Google Maps is Stella's House. Marty's house was moved to a different location but some of the big trees are still there. The place is New Centre Market now. Kinda sad, but lots can change in 30 years I guess. The numbers for Marty's place on Google Maps are 34.245594, -77.878281

    3. Thank you for those. Some great finds!

    4. Very welcome! :)