Child's Play

Child's Play was released on November 9th, 1988.
Filming locations include Chicago, IL.
Playland Toys - 418 S. Wabash St. Chicago, Il. 60605
Where Karen works - 1 S. State St. Chicago, Il. 60603
Karen Barclay's apartment building - 2800 N. Pine Grove Ave. Chicago, Il. 60657
(Brewster Building)
Andy's school - 249 E. 37th St. Chicago, Il. 60653
Andy gets off the train - 43rd St. Station Chicago, Il. 60653

Charles Lee Ray's hideout - S. Calumet Ave. and E. 41st St. Chicago, Il. 60653


  1. Very cool. From this area. And born on nov 9th 1989. Classic film.

  2. They blew up my childhood home..sigh