Cabin Fever


Cabin Fever was released on September 12th, 2003.
Filming locations include Los Angeles, CA. and Coleridge, Danbury, Mocksville and Mt. Airy, NC.
Drive through town - 59 Court Square Mocksville, NC. 27028
Priddy's General Store - 2121 Sheppard Mill Rd. Danbury, NC. 27016

Cabin - Scout Valley Trail Mt. Airy, NC. 27030
(Camp Raven Knob)

Dam - Coleridge, NC. 27316
Justin's found dead - 3200 Canyon Dr. Los Angeles, Ca. 90068
(Bronson Caves)


  1. Was this cave also used in Strange Wilderness at the end where they find Bigfoot?

  2. I been to the real Cabin last year. It's a boyscout camp 30 minutes from Mt. Airy, NC. Took pictures too.