The Exorcist

The Exorcist was released on December 26th, 1973.
Filming locations include Washington DC and New York City, NY.

Georgetown University - 3700 O St. NW Washington, DC 20057

Healy Hall

Dahlgren Chapel
Former track - Kehoe Field
Chris walks home - P St. NW and 36th St. NW Washington, DC 20007
Church Chris walks past - 3116 O St. NW Washington, DC. 20007
(Christ Episcopal Church)
Subway station - 5 Pennsylvania Plaza New York, NY. 10001
Damian's mother's apartment - 424 W. 48th St. New York, NY. 10036
Bar where Damian and Reverend Bermingham share a drink -
1226 36th St. SW Washington, DC. 20007
(The Tombs)
Chris and Damian meet - Chesapeake & Ohio Canal
The MacNeil house - 3600 Prospect St. NW Washington, DC. 20007


  1. Those stairs are creepy !

  2. I am fairly certain that the Prospect St. house had a substantial false front built for filming. I was inside it ~20 years ago, and the interior both looks old enough to have been extant at the time of filming, and bears no resemblance to the interiors in the film (which I'm assuming were shot in-studio).

    1. I hope so, it looks disappointing now!

  3. These pictures are amazing!