Halloween (2007)

Rob Zombie's Halloween was released on August 31st, 2007.
Filming locations include Castaic, North Hills and S. Pasadena, CA.

Haddonfield Elementary - 1062 El Centro St. S. Pasadena, Ca. 91030

Directly across the street from the elementery school is Haddonfield High School.

Smith's Grove - 16111 Plummer St. North Hills, Ca. 91343
(Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center)

Rabbit in Red - 31602 Castaic Rd. Castaic, Ca. 91384
(Country Girl Saloon)

Directly across the street from The Rabbit in Red is the truck stop Big Joe Grizzly stops at.

Strode house - 1002 Highland St. S. Pasadena, Ca. 91030



  1. Hi. Im Gary. Can you find the filming locations for the rob zombieś Halloween 2???? Thanks for ur time and keep on doing this good work

  2. Hi Gary. The Country Girl bar is at 316 Castaic Rd 91384..its near a Dennys..we filmed the final episode of House there....I was a bar lady sitting.