Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Friday the 13th Part V was released on March 22nd, 1985.
Filming locations include Agoura Hills, Beverly Hills and Camarillo, CA.

Diner - 30412 Mulholland Hwy. Agoura Hills, Ca. 91301

Pinehurst - 9715 Santa Rosa Rd. Camarillo, Ca. 93012

Reggie, Pam and Tommy visit Demon - Turtle Pond Trail
and Franklin Canyon Dr. Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210


  1. I have an entire trip planned to visit all the Friday sites in California. Next month I will finally get to see them. I've always wondered what happened to the Crystal Lake Market sign in Part 3 at the beginning.

  2. Good luck visiting the Camarillo location. I grew up in Camarillo and the current landowner has made it known he wants nothing to do with the film.

  3. I live nearby. You can still view the house/barn off the street.

  4. Anyone have any idea where Ethel/Junior's house is?

  5. anonymous from
    Cleveland ohio I would also like to know where ethels house is also I don't understand the owners don't want visitors but they rent out the house if it would not be for fans the house and location would be unpopular I guess they don't care thanks

  6. The 80s are gone, but not forgoten!!