A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

A Nightmare on Elm Street was released on November 16th, 1984.
Filming locations include Burbank and Los Angeles, CA.

Nancy Thompson's House - 1428 N. Genesee Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90046

Glen Lantz' House - 1419 N. Genesee Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90046

Boiler room - 421 N. Ave. 19 Los Angeles, Ca. 90031
(Lincoln Heights Jail)

My short walk through video of the boiler room.

Tina Gray's House - 620 Millwood Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90291

Alley behind Tina's house

5th Precinct P.D. - 4591 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90029
(City of Los Angeles: Cahuenga Branch Library)

Cemetery - 204 N. Evergreen Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90033
(Boyle Heights Evergreen Cemetery)

Canal Bridge - Behind* 2311 Eastern Ct. Los Angeles, Ca. 90291

Rod's Arrested - Glyndon Ave. and Morningside Way Los Angeles, Ca. 90291

High School, exterior - 3939 Tracy St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90027
(John Marshall High School)

Katja Sleep Institute - 15600 Mulholland Dr. Los Angeles, Ca. 90077
(American Jewish University)


  1. This site is done very well, with a lot of work put in. Well done!!

    1. Thanks Stephen, I really appreciate that!

  2. Wow..I didnt know that was a real school is it closed down I see a fence in front of it..

    1. Yeah it's a real school and it's been used in a number of productions. Although, it was only used as the exterior for A Nightmare on Elm Street. John Burroughs Middle School at 600 S. McCaddon Place, Los Angeles, Ca. was used for the interior shots. As for the fence, they must've just been doing some work on the day I visited.

  3. No idea how you're so thorough with your work here! Amazing job Paul.
    I know it's not horror, but if you could maybe do 'about last night' from the 80's that'd be an amazing one! I know there's already a handful listed online, but i'd love one as solid as yours - it's not laziness on my behalf, i've tried!

    Cheers :)

    1. Thank you, Daveit. I have yet to watch About Last Night, I'll have to check it out sometime.

  4. I can't wait to go to these places an see it... It shall be fun an exciting....

  5. Hi Paul, Very Very great work! In September I'll come in California from Italy and my Dreams is visit these locations and Boielr Rooms in particoular! It's possible visit the Boiler Rooms? How Can I Explorer the Boiler Romms inside? Thanks you and sorry for my English

    1. Stefano, feel free to email me directly at l1uck3y@yahoo.com

    2. hey there paul I just sent you an email with the same question. any tips or advice is appreciated Thanks

  6. Is there by any chance that these locations are available for visitors?
    How did you get into these locations and what was your experience like taking these photos of the filming locations?
    How much time did it take?
    When did you start doing this?

    I am VERY curious.


    Love these...they helped me study!

  7. Def would love to go to the Jail/boiler room!! Especially taking pics dressed as Freddy hehe.. Obviously would have to get permission by the city or etc.. to get access to it.

  8. Fun fact I'm not sure you know: The interiors of Laurie's house in Halloween (in the original and 1981 TV reshoots) were shot inside the same house used for Nancy's house's exterior.