Bullitt was released on October 17th, 1968.
Filming locations include Daly City and San Francisco, CA.

Mark Hopkins Hotel - 999 California St. San Francisco, Ca. 94108

Albert Renick phones Chalmers - 242 Powell St. San Francisco, Ca. 94102

Chalmers' house - 2700 Vallejo St. San Francisco, Ca. 94123

Coffee Cantata - 2026 Union St. San Francisco, Ca. 94123

Daniels Hotel - Formerly* 226 The Embarcadero San Francisco, Ca. 94105
NOTE: In reality this was the Kennedy Hotel. In a number of scenes you'll notice the 
elevated Embarcadero Freeway, also know as SR-480 right next to the hotel. The 1989
Loma Prieta Earthquake damaged both beyond repair and they were completely removed by 1991.

Hospital - 1001 Petrero Ave. San Francisco, Ca. 94110
(San Francisco General Hospital)

Bullitt's apartment building - 1155 Taylor St. San Francisco, Ca. 94108

VJ Grocery - 1199 Clay St. San Francisco, Ca. 94108

Grace Cathedral - 1100 California St. San Francisco, Ca. 94108

Enrico's - 504 Broadway San Francisco, Ca. 94133

Bullitt tracks down Weissberg - 2560 Marin St. San Francisco, Ca. 94124

The CHASE - Columbus Ave. and Chestnut St. San Francisco, Ca. 94133

Filbert St. and Mason St. San Francisco, Ca. 94133

Taylor St. and Green St. San Francisco, Ca. 94133

Taylor St. and Filbert St. San Francisco, Ca. 94133

Francisco St. and Larkin St. San Francisco, Ca. 94109

Marina Blvd. and Marina Green Dr. San Francisco, Ca. 94123

Mansell St. and University St. San Francisco, Ca. 94134

Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy. and N. Hill Dr. Daly City, Ca. 94014

Thunderbolt Motel - 401 E. Millbrae Ave. Millbrae, Ca. 94030
(Aloft San Francisco Airport)

Bullitt and Cathy talk - Jamestown Ave. and Hunters Point Expressway San Francisco, Ca. 94124
(Candlestick Point State Recreation Area)

Chalmers confronts Bullitt - 850 Bryant St. San Francisco, Ca. 94103
(Thomas J. Cahill Hall of Justice)

San Francisco International Airport - San Francisco, Ca. 94128


  1. Hey Thank You for doing the hard work of tracking down the locations. I have done a few myself, years ago.

    1. No problem, Pete J! I had a lot of fun visiting them, especially the car chase locations.

    2. great then and now, some of the now hadn't changed much

  2. Nice job. Some things have not changed that much in 52 years. Thanks.

    1. Great work, funnily enough I just now paused watching the film (literally on the same freeze frame as your Mansell St. and University St. San Francisco, Ca. 94134 shot) to do a Google Map search for that street and found your website. Really interesting to see the then/now. Thank you.

  3. This is such a classic film. San fransisco is a beautiful city and it's great to see many of the locations haven't changed much at all. Probably Steve's greatest movie and such a tragedy he died so young, he had so much more to give.

  4. This is Awesome! I love it! But, I like to make a correction to pic#36 (Filbert St. and Taylor St. San Francisco, Ca. 94133), the movie shot was on Filbert St. and Mason St. (I noticed the cable car tracks). And I never get tired of watching this movie over and over.
    Thank You!

    1. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I'll have to visit the correct intersection next time I'm in San Francisco.

  5. Visited these locations twice on visits to sf big big fan of the film

  6. Adoro este filme, e claro o sr.steve mcquen!! Uma bela cidade com muitos bons actores.....uma pena ter morrido tao cedo!!

  7. Adoro este filme OM o sr.steve McQueen!!! pena ter partido tao cedo..... e claro a bela cidade de são Francisco!!

  8. Marvellous just a great movie! The streets of the chase with the sea in the background remind me of Tangier!
    Mr McQueen has not been there but Elizabeth Taylor did and was fascinated by the views high up and looking down on the beach and elegant villas. Thank you Hollywood!

  9. Beautiful town when we were there in 97. Political policy can easily ruin it. I wish the best for it and the people there in the years to come.