The Goonies

The Goonies was released on June 7th, 1985.
Filming locations include Jenner, CA and Astoria and Cannon Beach, OR.

County Jail - 732 Duane St. Astoria, Or. 97103
(Oregon Film Museum)

Andy at cheer practice - 1905 Exchange St. Astoria, Or. 97103
NOTE: Formerly John Warren Field. In 2016 it was torn down and CMH OHSU Knight Cancer Collaborative was erected in it's place.

Rosalita crosses the street - 304 37th St. Astoria, Or. 97103

Mouth's house - 32 Skyline Ave. Astoria, Or. 97103

Stef on the pier - 36th St. Astoria, Or. 97103
(East Mooring Basin)

Chunk watches car chase - 826 Marine Dr. Astoria, Or. 97103
(Lower Columbia Bowl)

Fratelli's lose police - 1190 Pacific Dr. Cannon Beach, Or. 97110

Walsh house - 368 38th St. Astoria, Or. 97103

Data's house - 304 38th St. Astoria, Or. 97103

Museum Mr. Walsh works at - 441 8th St. Astoria, Or. 97103
(Flavel House Museum)

Goonies matching up the map - Ecola State Park Rd. Or. 97110

Fratelli's hideout - Ecola State Park Rd. Or. 97110
(Ecola Point)

Ending - Goat Rock Rd. Jenner, Ca. 95450
(Goat Rock State Beach)


  1. Wow this is one of my favorite movies, still amazing that a lot of the original stuff is still there and looks almost the same.

    1. Ikr it's amlost like nothings changed in the past 30 years.