They Live

They Live was released on November 4th, 1988.
Filming locations include Los Angeles, CA.

Nada first sees the preacher - N. Spring St. and W. 1st St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90012

Homeless lot - N. Boylston St. and W. Court St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90012
NOTE: The street the church was on was done away with at some point in the late 90's
and sports fields now cover the area where the homeless lot used to be.

Fight alley and "OBEY" & "MARRY AND REPRODUCE" billboards - Near* 7th St. and S. Olive St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90014

Holly's house - 8634 Franklin Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90069


  1. I bet the billboards are still there but you just can't see them

  2. You're right still there.