The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs was released on February 14th, 1991.
Filming locations include Canonsburg, Glenwillard, Homestead, Perryopolis, Pittsburgh and Rural Valley, PA.

Baltimore State Forensic Hospital (exterior) - Ansys Dr. and Mylan Blvd. Canonsburg, Pa. 15317
NOTE: The building was completely demolished in 2011 and the headquarters of Mylan Pharmaceuticals now stand in it's place.

Catherine Martin is abducted - 1767 Crafton Blvd. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15205
(Bradford Court Apartments)

Grieg Funeral Home - 311 W. Main St. Rural Valley, Pa. 16249

Hannibal Lecter escapes - 4141 5th Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
(Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall)

Bimmel house - 1364 Front St. Glenwillard, Pa. 15046

Moxley's Drugs - 200 E. 8th Ave. Homestead, Pa. 15120

Wrong house - 1206 Lindbergh Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15223

Jame Gumb's (Buffalo Bill) house - 8 Circle St. Perryopolis, Pa. 15473


  1. Excellent, that trailer still being by the train tracks is a great find. -Roth

  2. Fyi, 8 Circle St. Perryopolis was recently sold. I emailed the seller at the time and the train tracks right at the end of their back garden actually carry a freight train through, every thirty minutes of every working day...

  3. haven't the owners been trying to sell the buffalo bill house?

    1. According to zillow it was sold in 2016 for 195K. There are pictures on zillow. Looks the same. The owners have/had a book that was signed by cast/crew thanking them for lending their house for the film. Looks like a great property. Pool and lake nearby.

  4. Is there information on where the house where Clarice as young girl, scene during a flashback with her father, grew up?