Firestarter was released on May 11th, 1984.
Filming locations include Chimney Rock, Lake Lure and Winnabow, NC.
The Shop's headquarters - 9149 Orton Rd. SE Winnabow, NC. 28479
(Orton Plantation)
Andrew and Charlene go to the post office - 410 Main St. Chimney Rock, NC. 28720
Grandpa's cabin - 176 Elkwood Dr. Lake Lure, NC. 28746


  1. beginning of the movie: Andy hurries up the 3rd Ave in Manhattan with Charlie under his arm. We can see Buy-Rite big blue letters of a then department store. The scene was filmed at 21 N Front St, Wilmington, NC

  2. I was wondering, do you know where the flashback scene was filmed, where Andy takes Charles and blinds the government agents before escaping?