Firestarter was released on May 11th, 1984.
Filming locations include Chimney Rock, Lake Lure and Winnabow, NC.
The Shop's headquarters - 9149 Orton Rd. SE Winnabow, NC. 28479
(Orton Plantation)
Andrew and Charlene go to the post office - 410 Main St. Chimney Rock, NC. 28720
Grandpa's cabin - 176 Elkwood Dr. Lake Lure, NC. 28746


  1. beginning of the movie: Andy hurries up the 3rd Ave in Manhattan with Charlie under his arm. We can see Buy-Rite big blue letters of a then department store. The scene was filmed at 21 N Front St, Wilmington, NC

  2. I was wondering, do you know where the flashback scene was filmed, where Andy takes Charles and blinds the government agents before escaping?

    1. Sorry, I haven't found that location yet.

    2. A neighborhood called echo farms in Wilmington North Carolina

  3. The scene where Andy blinds the shop agents was shot in Wilmington's Echo Farms neighborhood; Charlie's house is at 301 Jarvis Circle, and the rescue was filmed at 4239 Appleton Way.

  4. I know who owns the house where Drew Barrymore's character sets her mom on fire. The owner has asked not to give out the info as they don't want tourists and nosy peeps at their home. It's in Wilmington, NC, though