Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye was released on April 12th, 1985.
Filming locations include Wilmington, NC.

General jumps into the truck (Quitters, Inc.) - 15 S. Water St. Wilmington, NC. 28401

Junk takes General (Quitters, Inc.) - Princess St. and N. Front St. Wilmington, NC. 28401

Saint Stephen's School for the Exceptional (Quitters, Inc.) - 125 S. 3rd St. Wilmington, NC. 28401

Isabel Holmes Bridge (Quitters, Inc.) - N. 3rd St. Wilmington, NC. 28401

Dick Morrison's house (Quitters, Inc.) - 314 S. Front St. Wilmington, NC. 28401

Cressner's apartment building (The Ledge) - 201 N. Front St. Wilmington, NC. 28401
(Murchison Building)

Family house (The General) - 218 Forest Hills Dr. Wilmington, NC. 28403


  1. Thanks for the locations of 'Quitters Inc' Do you know where 'The Ledge' and 'The General' were filmed?

    1. The family's house in 'The General' is located at 218 Forest Hills Dr. Wilmington, NC. 28403

  2. Thanks so much for these locations. Do you know of the locations for the second segment?

    1. The exterior shots outside Cressner's apartment building (on the street with Ducky, Albert, and Norris) was filmed at the Murchison Building, 201 N Front St, Wilmington, NC. Cressner's apartment interior and the ledge around the building was shot in a film studio (at the De Laurentiis Studios in Wilmington, NC). The ledge featured in the movie was actually only a few feet high from the ground in the studio. For the traffic and buildings far below the ledge, they used models and a filming technique called 'forced-perspective miniatures'. For the night cityscape in the background (seen from Cressner's rooftop terrace) they used a 'translight' which is like a large film projection of Atlantic City. The heroin which was planted in Norris' Mustang was shot in an underground car park (which no longer exists) at the west end of Chestnut St, Wilmington, NC. The underground car park was parallel / adjacent to the south side of the Murchison Building. Just before the ending when Cressner falls to his death (and landing on the brass horn), the brass horn was placed on the sidewalk in between the underground car park and the south side of the Murchison Building, at the junction of N Front St and Chestnut St.