Dead & Buried

Dead & Buried was released on May 29th, 1981.
Filming locations include Los Angeles and Mendocino, CA.

Opening - Lansing St. Mendocino, Ca. 95460

Beach - 35000 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, Ca. 90265
(Sequit Point)

Gillis house - 1355 Carroll Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90026

Sheriff's Office - 10483 Lansing St. Mendocino, Ca. 95460

Hotel - Lansing St. and Ukiah St. Mendocino, Ca. 95460



  1. The road on the bluffs, was that on stage or small scale model or was that a real location in California too?

  2. The fishermans body location is incorrect. The proper location is further south at Albion Cove. The bridge supports in the background are clearly of the Albion River Bridge. A photo of the bridge is here at this site.

  3. Jon, thank you for pointing that out. Other than it's proximity to Mendocino, I always assumed it was the Big River Bridge and it had just been rebuilt at some point since the film came out in 1981 but I was incorrect.

  4. Curious. Where exactly is the beach where Freddy begins taking his photos? I've looked at several beaches close to town, but have had trouble finding that beach.