The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was released on August 22nd, 1986.
Filming locations include Austin, Bastrop and Prairie Dell, TX.

Opening - Farm to Market Rd. 1209 Bastrop, Tx. 78602 (between Sonny Rd. and Wagon Way)



Bridge chase - Loop 150 Bastrop, Tx. 78602

Car crash - Airport Blvd. and Montopolis Dr. Austin, Tx. 78741

Cut-Rite Chain Saws - 1621 W. 5th St. Austin, Tx. 78703
(Mean Eyed Cat Bar)

KOKLA - Guadalupe St. between W. 2nd St. and W. Cesar Chavez St. Austin, Tx. 78701
NOTE: The building was demolished shortly after filming and newer buildings now stand in it's place.

Stretch follows Choptop & Leatherface - W. Cesar Chavez St. Austin, Tx. (at the Lamar Blvd. bridge)

Texas Battle Land - 22612 N. Interstate 35 Frontage Rd. Prairie Dell, Tx. 76571
NOTE: The Prairie Dell Lake Amusement Park served as the location
for Texas Battle Land, however it was demolished shortly after filming.
The land was used as an RV park sometime after that but now appears to be private property.

Parking garage (deleted scenes), Texas Battle Land interiors, Lefty's hotel room and KOKLA interiors - Guadalupe St. and E. 3rd St. Austin, Tx. 78701
NOTE: All of these locations were filmed inside the old Austin American Statesman printing building.
The building was torn down not too long after filming and has been a parking lot ever since.

I'd like to thank Mike Sullivan for his contribution to this post.


  1. Any idea about the radio station location??

  2. We used to visit Prairie Dell Lake in the early 80s and moved to Germany in '85. I saw TCM2 in '86. We came back in '89 and spent two hours looking for the old park (had no idea it was torn down or used in the movie). The park had a train that went through tunnels; you can see the remnants in the outside nighttime shots of the Sawyer's hideout/lair.

  3. This is one of those films you wish you still were in the 80s. Everything has changed so much and not for the best.

  4. That's is so true on the 80's being better and life was easier. Things have changed and definitely not for the better, it's a dog eat dog world and a sense of morality is warped to say the least.

  5. Yeah I went from a kid to a teenager in the 80's and I have to say that it truly was the best of times all around for me and those I cared for then and now.
    Also much love for TCM2!

  6. TCMII is the most bizarre, yet strangely endearing, film I've ever experienced. Thanks to whoever did the research and work to put together this site -- great work! Too bad the radio station building is gone; I would have made a pilgrimage just to take a couple of photos there.