The Hitcher (1986)

The Hitcher was released on February 21st, 1986.
Filming locations include Amboy, Brawley, Chambless, Death Valley Junction, Newberry Springs, 
Oak Hills and Victorville, CA. and Lake Las Vegas and Las Vegas, NV.

Jim falls asleep at the wheel/passes Volkswagen/John Ryder rear ends Jim - Barstow Rd. Ca.

Jim pushes John Ryder out - Lake Mead Blvd. Lake Las Vegas, Nv. 89011

Stationwagon passes Jim - Fort Irwin Rd. Ca. (after Yermo Cutoff)

Jim finds dead family - Fort Irwin Rd. Ca. (after Poppy Rd.)

Dust Storm - Death Valley Junction, Ca. 92328

Gas pumps explode - Minneola Rd. and Sunrise Canyon Rd. Ca.

Jeremy's Gas - 39263 Harvard Rd. Newberry Springs, Ca. 92365



Sheriff Station - 16699 Stoddard Wells Rd. Victorville, Ca. 92395
(Apple Valley Gun Club)

Market - National Trails Hwy. and Cadiz Rd. Chambless, Ca. 92319

Roy's Cafe - Amboy, Ca.

Bus gets pulled over - Hwy. 78 Ca.

Truck Stop - 8685 US Hwy. 395 Oak Hills, Ca. 92344
(Newton's Outpost)

John Ryder's escorted onto the bus - 215 E. Bonanza Rd. Las Vegas, Nv. 89101
(State of Nevada Department of Public Safety Parole & Probation)
NOTE: The north part of the building was torn down in 2008 and an updated structure built in it's place. 
However, a portion of the south building is still intact as shown below.

Jim kills John Ryder - Hwy. 78 and Osborne Park Rd. Brawley, Ca. 92227

I'd like to thank PaulH for his contribution to this post.


  1. Awesome,thanks! This is my fave movie

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this, and it's nice to know that the locations remain relatively unchanged after a quarter century. I seriously wasn't expecting that at all. What a great film.

    You should post this on‎ and IMDB.

    Thanks again

  3. Wonderful work, many thanks (love the score on the page too)

  4. Awesome! Hopefully I'll be able to see some of these this December. How close are they together and are they easy to find?

    1. The locations I've been to span 191 miles from furthest to furthest.

  5. A couple more. I have most of the 'road' locations as well.

    Halsey arriving at the Gas Station
    Minneola Rd, Newberry Springs, CA (34.919486, -116.771699)

    NOTE: This has been partially demolished as of 2015.

    The Police Station
    215 E Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV

    NOTE: The original building has been demolished to make way for a new building.

    1. Thank you for posting these, PaulH. The police station wasn't too difficult to confirm considering the northern building was completely demolished and built over. Feel free to email me or post the 'road' locations in the comments section as I'd like to see which one's you have.

  6. Road locations 1:

    Halsey and The Hitcher driving by the Volkswagen - Barstow Road, Lucerne Valley, CA (34.688877, -116.970642)

    Halsey pushing The Hitcher out of his car - E Lake Mead Blvd, Henderson, NV (36.147306, -114.889622)

    Halsey trying to warn the family about The Hitcher - Fort Irwin Rd, Barstow, CA (34.955845, -116.913937)

    Halsey discovering the dead family - Fort Irwin Rd, Barstow, CA (34.907830, -116.920170)

  7. Road locations 2:

    The Hitcher trying to run Halsey off the road - Barstow Road, Lucerne Valley, CA (34.699317, -116.976425)
    NOTE: Both directions were used.

    The bus being pulled over by the police - Ben Hulse Hwy, CA (33.071905, -114.948686)
    NOTE: The layout of the road has changed but this is very close to the location.

    The location where the two Police cars crash - Ben Hulse Hwy, CA (33.012013, -115.048188)
    NOTE: The layout of the road has changed so this is the closest area.

    Halsey shoots The Hitcher - Ben Hulse Hwy, CA (About two miles West of Glamis)
    This one is from

    1. Thank you PaulH. I'll probably visit all of these locations within the next month.

  8. Hello Gang :) I am a big fan of film and in a few days I go on a trip to California ... Someone could give me exact address or is the garage ( Death Valley Junction, Ca. 92328 ) I Can not find it on google map :( I need the address to go see with my gps haha Thank you very much and I wait for the answer as soon as possible !!!

  9. I'd love to go to visit the locations especially Roy's Cafe at Amboy, I'm a huge fan of this movie and it's wild looking locations. Rutger Hauer was awesome in this movie!

  10. I grew up along Ft Irwin road from 1990-92 and lived in apple valley from 87-90, i am now about an hour from Roys cafe. Ft Irwin Rd has been widened out some, Roys Cafe Neon sign now is operational as of Nov 16, 2019, alot of the other roads still look the same for the most part. Im over in Twentynine Palms, CA for right now. Chambless is still in disrepair with that section of the road closed off due to San Bernardino county not fixing the bridges after 5 years now. Roys is looking up as they are trying to get the water supply issue fixed. CA 247 is pretty much still the same as well.

  11. Jeremys Trading Post has been torn down for a circle K gas station as of January 2020.

  12. A 76 station is where the Jeremys Trading post was where Jims meal was finger licking good, they reused the old oval sign and paved the lot over, anyone got a smoke?

  13. Roy's Cafe in Amboy is also the filming location for Southbound movie.