The Howling

The Howling was released on April 10th, 1981.
Filming locations include Los Angeles and Mendocino, CA.

The following location was found by fellow The Howling fan Andrew Patrick Ralston. 
Eddie Quist's apartment building - Behind* 1200 7th St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90017
NOTE: The house was demolished immediately after filming in 1980.

Karen and Donna play tennis - 2715 N. Vermont Canyon Rd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90027

Karen & Donna and later Terry walk along the beach -
Hwy 1 Mendocino, Ca. 95460
(Russian Gulch State Park)

Karen, Bill and Terry have a picnic - Hwy. 1 Mendocino, Ca. 95460
(Russian Gulch State Park)

The Other Side Bookstore - 6607 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90028

Terry matches up Eddie's drawings - Woodstock Dr. (5000) Mendocino, Ca. 95460

The Colony retreat - 39350 Little Lake Rd. Mendocino, Ca. 95460
(Thompson Gulch Trail, Camp 2)
(Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association)

Bill & Karen's cabin, exterior

Eddie & Marsha's cabin


  1. So much work went into this.
    Very much appreciate it.

  2. wonderful work thank you very much

  3. This is awesome. The haunting visuals from the Howling have long stuck with me from a little kid which is what prompted me to look this stuff up. Thanks so much. Wow.

  4. Thank you so much for your fantastic work! This is one of my favorite films, and I've been longing to visit the camp. You nailed it 110%!

  5. Great stuff, same as above comments

  6. Amazing work! I just rewatched it for the first time since I was a kid. After being curious about Quist's LA hideout, I did some hunting in google earth and found where it was. Garland and 7th near downtown. Here's a little comparison I made.

    1. Outstanding! Thank you for sharing this Andrew.

    2. One more: I'm pretty sure the porn theater was the Le Sex Shop at 5507 Hollywood Boulevard. The building was there till a few years ago. Now the whole block has been torn out for a Petsmart complex. You can still see the old google street view images in the history back to 2007. It was called X Spot before closing.

    3. You're quite possibly right, Andrew. It would've been right next to Thai Town Express if correct. Too bad there wasn't a more broad view of Le Sex Shoppe in the film. Regardless, great research.

    4. Andrew you are the man! The Howling is my all time favorite movie and I had always wondered where some of these locations were ( Eddie's apartment, the street corner the camera pans to when the two cops are looking for Karen, the hillside where Terri recalls the landscape you located most of these spots, very impressive! You must be a private eye.

  7. you're right about the "le sex shoppe" location, signage from the shop can be seen in the film. also: great, great work done here!


  8. Fantastic. I'm a big Howling fan. Just love the work you did on this site. I live about 6 hours from here. I would love to visit one day. Thanks again!!!

  9. Wow, good work finding all these places. Obviously this is a great film. The movie makers did a great job making all these scenes so scary with great lighting and sounds when much of the was filmed in state parks that do not have werewolves running around.
    Thanks for everything.