Death Proof

Death Proof was released on July 21st, 2007.
Filming locations include Austin and Luling, TX.
Guero's Taco Bar - 1412 S. Congress Ave. Austin, Tx. 78704

Texas Chili Parlor - 1409 Lavaca St. Austin, Tx. 78701
Circle A - 12226 Ranch Rd. 620 N Austin, Tx. 78750

Jasper's farm - 1170 S. Laurel Ave. Luling, Tx. 78648
(Zedler Mill)


  1. I was at chili parlor today! If anyone cares....

  2. Oh heaven, that bald guy at the chili bar is beautiful

  3. If i ever get lucky enough to visit Texas the Austin is the place I'm going. Death Proof & Machete locations a serious must visit being as Grindhouse is in my top five of all time movies and I've got a massive back tattoo of Machete

  4. I got married at the mill in 2019 im just, you're telling me this for the first time.