Jaws was released on June 20th, 1975.
Filming locations include Martha's Vineyard, MA.

Brody house - 265 E. Chop Dr. Oak Bluffs, Ma. 02568
NOTE: The house featured in the film was torn down
to the 1st floor in 2002 and then rebuilt as it appears today.

Amity P.D. - S. Water St. and Davis Ln. Edgartown, Ma. 02539

About a block down the street from the Amity P.D. is the Amity Gazette.

The Chappy Ferry - 53 Dock St. Edgartown, Ma. 02539

Amity Town Hall - 70 Main St. Edgartown, Ma. 02568
(Edgartown Town Hall)

NOTE: It's not in the same room as it was in the film,
but the curved table is easily recognizable.

Billboard scene - 35 Aquinnah Circle Aquinnah, Ma. 02535
(Gay Head Lighthouse)

Swimming beach - Beach Rd. Edgartown, Ma. 02539
(Joseph Sylvia State Beach)

Bridge leading to the pond.
(American Legion Memorial Bridge)

Quint's shop - 513 N Rd. Chilmark, Ma. 02535


  1. Greetings from Denmark. Fantastic pictures.... Very interesting seeing all these locations in real life I bet

  2. Thank you and yes Martha's Vineyard is beautiful. I'd suggest visiting the island whether you're a Jaws fan or not.

  3. Hi Paul,

    Great photos! We are going to Martha's Vineyard next week and wondered how you got around the island. We can't take our car as the ferry is full. Would you suggest bikes or the buses they have?



    1. Use the VTA. This is the bus for the island. $7.00 for an all day pass or $18 for 3 day pass. Can get the pass on the bus. Exact change needed.

      Enjoy, wayne

  4. Andy, glad you enjoyed the photos! On my visit to Martha's Vineyard I took the http://www.vineyardtransit.com/pages/vta_schedule/dates to the Quint's Shop and Billboard locations and rented a bike for all the other locations listed on my blog (as they are all relatively close to one another). Have a great time and feel free to let me know how your visit went :)

  5. Wonderful post! Thanks to your pictures we were able to visit many of these sites on our recent trip to Martha's Vineyard- it was perfect, very accurate. We also made our way around with the VTA with our 2 daughters- it is economical, convenient, on time and clean. We enjoyed our visit very much. Thanks from fellow Jaws fans!

  6. I'm very glad to hear that you and your family enjoyed your visit to Martha's Vineyard. That's the main reason I started my blog in the first place, so anyone who has an appreciation for these movies could visit the filming locations and enjoy them while also seeing a piece of film history.

  7. That picture where shop is not correct. Unless you have posted a different angle. I was there a month and i was brought directly to the spot. I can post mine if u want.

    1. Must be a different angle then because I'm positive about the spot. Feel free to post yours though.

  8. Very cool. I am Brazilian and I was on Martha's Vineyard in August 2015. When he learned that he had been the site of filming of the movie, I did everything to meet her. I have 55 years ... this film, at the time, made us die of fright beach ...

  9. Great Job!. Enhorabuena por tu trabajo, un saludo desde Barcelona-ESPA√ĎA.

  10. I am planning a trip to see my sister in Rhode island, and I am definitely taking a trio to the island. What true fan wouldnt. Thank you for mapping out the site's from the movie that terrified the world.

  11. My pleasure, Billy. Hope you enjoy the island!

  12. will there ever be a jaws event coming up any time soon and if so when roesch.roesch@gmail.com big jaws fan

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  14. Thanks for posting. Your information is very thorough and comprehensive. We're planning to visit Martha's Vineyard in May 2018 and tour the island on a moped. Seeing the sites where "Jaws" was filmed will be the highlight of our day. "Jaws" is simply one of the greatest movies ever made. Denice & James - Middle Island, NY