Beyond the Door

Beyond the Door (a.k.a. The Devil Within Her in the United Kingdom) was released into theaters on July 31st, 1975. Filming locations include San Francisco and Sausalito, Ca. Most of the interiors were filmed at Incir De Paolis Studios in Rome. It was directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis and Roberto D'Ettorre. The movie is an obvious ripoff of The Exorcist, which was released roughly one and a half years prior. The possessed woman portrays many of the same traits as Linda Blair's character from the film, (i.e. vulgar language, projectile vomiting, rotating head, and levitating.) Her son is even seen drinking cans of Campbell's pea soup throughout the movie. Warner Bros. filed a lawsuit against the movies' production company, claiming copyright infringement. In 1979, the lawsuit was settled in favor of Warner Bros. for a cash settlement and a portion of the films future revenue. The extremely unusual score was composed by Franco Micalizzi. The films first DVD release was on September 16th, 2008.

Safeway - 15 Marina Blvd. San Francisco, Ca. 94123

The Safeway has been there since at least he late 1960's.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2022.

Jessica driving - Fillmore St. and Cervantes Blvd. San Francisco, Ca. 94123

They're driving south along Fillmore Street.

I'd like to thank Brad of Cult Film & TV Locations for finding this location.


Robert driving - Lombard St. San Francisco, Ca. 94133

This portion of Lombard Street is located between Hyde St. and Leavenworth St. and is known as Russian Hill. Built in 1922, it is a one way street that features eight sharp turns. The design was intended to reduce the hill's natural 27 percent grade, which was too steep for most vehicles.


Walking to their apartment - just west of* Washington St. and Davis St. San Francisco, Ca. 94111

The first screenshot is looking up at the Vista South apartment building. In the second screenshot, they're walking across the pedestrian bridge that crosses over Washington St. The One Maritime Plaza building is visible on the left. In the third screenshot, they're on the south side of the Two Embarcadero Center.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2022.

Robert and Jessica eating lunch - 660 Bridgeway Sausalito, Ca. 94965

At the time of my visit, it was the Barrel House Tavern.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2022.

Barbara and Jessica talk - Marina Blvd. and Fillmore St. San Francisco, Ca. 94123
(Marina Green)

Marina Green consists of seventy-four acres.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2022.

Jessica leaves the doctor's office - 350 Parnassus Ave. San Francisco, Ca. 94117
(UCSF Parnassus Heights Medical Building 2)

The structure has been there since at least the late 1960's.

Jessica shopping -
southeast corner* of California St. and Kearny St. San Francisco, Ca. 94104

She walks past a sculpture named "Transcendence" a.k.a. "Banker's Heart". It was sculpted by Masayuki Nagare in 1969 from 200 tons of black Swedish granite.

I'd like to thank Brad of Cult Film & TV Locations for finding this location.


Robert buys a newspaper - southeast corner* of Battery St. and Sacramento St. San Francisco, Ca. 94111


Dimitri talks to Robert - Turk St. San Francisco, Ca. 94102
(Jefferson Square Park)

This took place between Laguna Street and Gough Street.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2022.

Dimitri walking in alley - Gold St. San Francisco, Ca. 94133

He's walking west along Gold Street.


Dimitri driving - Geary Ave. and Fillmore St. San Francisco, Ca. 94104

He's driving west along Geary Ave.



  1. The 1974 Beyond the Door is unforgettable. This blog is interesting as Italië shows picture of thuis movie's locaties as Italië apparaat in 1974 and as Italië elkaars topdag in 2022. 48 years have passed. Its a trip to time travel.
    The movie itself has as part of its plot the concept of time gravel. Factor Richard Johnson as Dimitry is suspended in time for 10 years as he drives his car pff a cliff info Aan Francisco bay. He is a Satanist and the format lover of actress Juliet Mills, abo plats Jessica Barrett. In the present. Jessica is married to actor Gabriele Lavia abo plats Robert Barrett, and their 2 kids player by David Colin Jr as Ken Barrett and Barbara Fiorini abo plays Gail Barrett. The movie's bezinning shows Dimtry and Jessica in the darm wit numerous candles during a Satanic ritual. As a result Jessica gedoken pregnant with a demonic baby and becomes demonically possessed years later after this ritual.
    A memorable scene is heen the 2 kids are alone in the room and the rolls and toys come to life through demonic activity. The music by Franco Micalizzi is awesome.
    The remake to Beyond the Door was canceled but now a sequel is being made to the original 1974 movie. Its called Beyond the Door:Embryo and its said to come out in 2022. Actress Juliet Mills as Jessica Barrett will be returning in this new 2022 sequel! Actor Ricard Johnson as Dimitry has passed away in 2015, but Gabriele Lavia, David Colin Jr and Barbara Fiorini are still living. What city will this new movie take place in?
    The musical tracks such as Jessica's theme are impressive. Theres a sense of helplessness and vulnerability in this movie.

  2. In 2009 director Michael Frost made a short horror movie titled Antivirgen One:Chi Sei? It has eerie music and it shows Beyond the Door intertwined with another horror movie from the 1970s and it shows a graphic depiction of childbirth. Other titles for Beyond the Door are Chi Sei? and The Devil Within Her.
    Edward Montoro and Film Ventures International made Beyond the Door and director Ovidio Assonitis was instrumental in making this movie. Juliet Mills, Richard Johnson, Gabriel Lavia, David Colin Jr, Barbara Fiorini, Elizabeth Turner; and Carla Mancini are the leading actors and actresses.
    The concept of time travel is present in this movie. Richard Johnson as Dimitri is suspended in time for the next 10 years as he plunges his car down a cliff in the waters of San Francisco Bay. His car is suspended in midair. The movie fast forwards 10 years later after Dimitri and Jessica conduct a Satanic ritual in the dark with numerous candles. Dimitri finds Jessica in the present during her demonic possession and delivers the baby. The baby is stillborn. Dimitri's car is then dropped to the ocean below to his death and domination. Jessica and her family are then shown on a ferry, and little Ken's eyes start to glow, with the horror of possession starting anew.
    Among the noteworthy scenes in this movie are when the two children are alone in a room and the dolls and toys come to life and terrorizes them. Right as the dolls and toys come to life a children's song is sung by both Ken and Gail and by a woman's voice who sounds like a cackling witch. :What begins with G, girl, Gail? It's a creepy children's song. In another scene Jessica is in bed during her demonic possession and when she hears her husband and her doctor say the name Dimitri, she adds; Dimitri the Clairvoyant. That man is tricking you. He wants to steal my baby. That man doesn't exist."
    The family doctor visits a strange woman who lives in a boathouse to ask about Dimitri. The woman states that Dimitri had strange psychic, supernatural powers, and claims his body was never found after his car accident 10 years earlier. The woman implies his spirit may be back in the present.
    Franco Micalizzi composed much of the music for Beyond the Door. The sequel; Embryo:Beyond the Door, is still being made. It's not known when it will come out in theaters and DVD. Juliet Mills and Ovidio Assonitis are Botham least 80 years old, and this might be the last project they do.
    Dimitri Theme and Jessica's Theme are among songs in this movie. It's an unforgettable movie.

  3. Among the noteworthy scenes in the 1974 Beyond the Door is when Jessica is lying in bed with her husband and awakens. Animalistic sounds are heard. An invisible force lifts the blanket off her and she levitate in a vertical standing position and floats in the room. Later on she throws her husband around the room by the power of telekinesis, similar to the power Carrie White has in the book and movie Carrie by Stephen King. Levitation and telekinesis are among the supernatural manifestations in a demonic possession, and mere mental illness cannot explain how a person can levitate and move objects through telekinesis.

  4. The 1974 Beyond the Door turns 50 years old. Nixon and Ford were Presidents in 1974 and musicians such as Abba were hot at the time. It's interesting to see how things have both changed and remained the same 8n the last 50 years. What a year 1974 was. If time travel was possible it would be nice to go back to 1974 with its movies, music, tv shows, toys, and holiday decorations. It's interesting to see what San Francisco and what Rome were like in the 1970s.
    There's something about this movie that I find compelling. The music is part of the reason. Note the scene where Jessica is alone in the house and looking through photos. She finds a photo of Dimitri played by actor Richard Johnson which greatly disturbs her. This is the man who conducted a Satanic ritual with her years earlier which is shown at the beginning of the movie. Dimitri is very soon going to appear in her life after returning from the dead years earlier when his car plunged in the ocean. It's not clear whether or not he really died in that car accident. The accompanying music is eerie as Jessica looks at the photos. The music conveys her fear and she then throws an ashtray at the fish aquarium.
    When the children are alone in the room the dolls and toys come to life to terrorize them. Some of the dolls have light up eyes. A toy rabbit and a toy octopus also move on their own. The film conveys how vulnerable and helpless the characters are. Sheer utter helplessness and vulnerability are the themes in this movie. The movie illustrates that humans are powerless against the Devil and demons. It succeeds as a scary movie.