Fright Night Part 2

Fright Night Part 2 was released into theaters on May 19th, 1989. Filming locations include Los Angeles, Ca. It was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. Other movies directed by Wallace include Halloween III: Season of the Witch and It (1990). Both William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall returned to reprise their roles as Charley Brewster and Peter Vincent "Fearless Vampire Killer". Stephen Geoffreys was offered the chance to reprise his role as Evil Ed, however he turned it down to work on 976-Evil instead. Fright Night Part II is one of the rare exceptions where I thought the sequel was actually better than the original. The solid score was composed by Brad Fiedel, who also scored the first film. The films only DVD release was on August 19th, 2003.

Peter Vincent & Regine Dandridge's apartment building - 1750 N. Serrano Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90027
(Trianon Apartments)

The six-story building was designed by architect Leland Bryant and constructed in 1928. On June 23rd, 1995 it was designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #616. The first screenshot is a matte painting.

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Charlie spies841 S. Serrano Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90005

Although it's depicted as being just across the street, it was actually filmed three and a half miles south of the location he was supposed to be looking at.

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Charlie's dorm - Pershing Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90049
(New Directions for Veterans)

The building is part of the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.


Symphony - 900 W. Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90007
(Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County)

The ending of the movie was filmed right next to this location, in the Exposition Park Rose Garden.

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College campus - 5151 State University Dr. Los Angeles, Ca. 90032
(California State University, Los Angeles)

Most of the scenes were filmed within close proximity of the University Library. The second screenshot is of the Olympic Mural, which was dedicated in 1984 and can be found on the west side of the Physical Education building. The third screenshot took place on the northwest corner of the University Library building. The statue that can be seen behind Alex is of Confucius. In 2005 it was moved from where it's seen at in the movie to it's current location. The Student Union building, which can be seen briefly when Charlie stares at a girls neck as she's walking past him, was completely torn down in 2006 and a new Student Union building was constructed in it's place.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2021.

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