At Close Range

At Close Range was released into theaters on April 18th, 1986. Filming locations include Franklin, Tn. It was directed by James Foley. Foley also directed a number of Madonna music videos in the 80's as well as the 1996 film Fear. Sean Penn played the lead of Brad Whitewood Jr. and Christopher Walken played his father, Brad Whitewood Sr. Sean Penn's real life brother, Chris Penn, also played his brother in the film. Their real life mother, Eileen Ryan, played their grandmother in the film. It's loosely based on the real life story of the Johnston Gang from the 1970's. They operated out of Pennsylvania and committed a number of crimes including burglary and murder. The films score was composed by Patrick Leonard. The films theme, Live to Tell, was written by Leonard and Madonna. An instrumental version plays at various points throughout the film, including the opening scene, and the lyrical version plays during the films end credits. At the time of filming, Madonna and Sean Penn were married. Miss You, by The Rolling Stones can also be heard in the film. The films first DVD release was on December 19th, 2000.

Town square - Main St. and 3rd Ave. Franklin, Tn. 37064
(Franklin Public Square)

The statue in the center of the square, which can be seen in multiple scenes, is Confederate Monument. It was erected out of Italian marble in 1899 and stands over thirty-seven feet tall. The liquor store that Brad Jr. meets his brother and Aggie in front of is located at 302 Public Square Franklin, Tn. 37064.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2021.

Whitewood house - N. Margin St. and 2nd Ave. N. Franklin, Tn. 37064

The house was demolished at some point in the 80's. During my visit of the location in May 2021, it was completely overgrown and inaccessible. The distinctive V shaped tree, visible in the fourth screenshot, is still there.

I'd like to thank PaulH of Halloween Filming Locations for finding this location.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2021.

Money laundering scene - 328 5th Ave. N. Franklin, Tn. 37064

Brad Sr. buys the 1975 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu at 328 5th Ave. N. and sells it across the street at 331 5th Ave. N.

I'd like to thank PaulH of Halloween Filming Locations for finding this location.

All "Now" pictures taken in 2021.

Courthouse - 305 Public Square Franklin, Tn. 37064
(Old Williamson County Courthouse)

The courthouse was built in 1858 and served until 2004, when the Williamson County Judicial Center opened. 

All "Now" pictures taken in 2021.


  1. Great work! One more location is the tractor shop. Locke Ave, right off Main st in Spring Hill, Tn.

    1. Found a few more after a recent viewing. I live in the area, so it's bugging me the ones I cannot find!

      School Scenes: Page High School-Arno Rd. Franklin, Tn.

      Brad Sr driving and showing sons properties: 4230 Peytonsville Rd, Franklin, Tn (farmhouse is gone and neighborhood is there, but land is still recognizable). 1190 Lewisburg Pk, Franklin, Tn.

      Brad and sons have lunch: 99 E. Main St, Franklin, Tn. Formerly "Dotson's Restaurant".

      Brad Jr driving new car: area around 4311 Long Ln. Franklin, Tn. Driving eastbound.

      Not 100 % sure but I think the swimming scenes were shot at Graystone Quarry. Near I-65/840 split.

      Hopefully will be back with more!

  2. i was looking for the locations for a long time , thank you, one of my fav films ever

  3. That’s awesome someone found the location used for their house - very cool! What about the house used as Mary Stuart Masterons?

  4. The restaurant scene was filmed at Bell Cove in Hendersonville.